November 29, 2023

10 Points

10 Points of New Frontier

New Frontier is not a political party, we are a group of patriotic activists who are against the decline that our nation is currently facing. Through activism, direct action and building dual power we can force the two party system to actually deliver for the needs of the people.

  1. End to mass Migration.

Mass immigration into America causes wages to decline, housing prices to soar and only benefits oligarchs at the expense of working Americans. In addition, due to mass immigration many Americans feel like strangers in their own homeland. For these reasons and more New Frontiers is opposed to mass immigration.

  1. End to all foreign wars.

Most of the wars America fights serve no benefit for Americans and only seek to enrich oligarchs and foreign nations such as Israel at the expense of everyday Americans. New Frontiers opposes American participation in any war which does not serve the interests of the American people.

  1. Secure more worker rights, including a six hour workday.

American workers are often overworked, underpaid. Its time that we strengthen the rights of American workers, including a six hour workday to allow American workers to spend more time with their family.

  1. Protect the environment.

Many of America’s lakes and rivers are unsafe to swim in, and many towns do not have safe drinking water. Many parts of this country are dirty with litter. We need to clean up our environment not just for the wellbeing of the natural world but for the wellbeing of man as well.

  1. Fight international capital and protect American Industry.

The whims of international capital has led to the collapse of American Industry and has left tens of millions of Americans unemployed or working lower pay service jobs. All the while we are dependent on hostile powers for delivery of critical industrial goods. For the welfare of the American working class as well as to secure sovereignty for our nation we must reinstate protectionist trade policies and withdraw from free trade agreements.

  1. Free Healthcare at point of service for all Americans.

America’s current healthcare system has failed, America has one of the lowest life expectancies and highest per capita medial costs of anywhere in the industrialized world. Its time for a new system that puts people over profit and provides publicly funded medical service for non-elective medical procedures.

  1. Creation of a federal jobs program and massive public works to rebuild American infrastructure.

Our infrastructure is crumbling while millions of young American men remain unemployed. We should put them to work rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure. America needs new roads, bridges, airports, trains, power plants, and so much more.

  1. Creation of a “Youth Resocialization Program” to promote American culture and end the loneliness epidemic.

Many young people in contemporary society are addicted to drugs, porn, video games, or all of the above. At the same time young Americans are often alienated and unknowing about their own culture. A national youth network should be established which promotes healthy outdoor activities and awareness of American history and culture, as well as help lonely young people meet each other.

  1. Promote traditional American Christian values.

The cultural revolution America faced in the 1960s destabilized the traditional Christian social fabric of America. We need to reverse the damage that has been done and promote the Christian values that made this nation great, in order to make this nation great again. The family and marriage as institutions for childrearing must be protected.

  1. Establishment of Freedom of Association for all Americans. 

New Frontiers believe that as a free people Americans have the right to chose who they wish to associate with. We are against all attempts to change the demographics of a community without the consent of said community. We are against forced segregation and forced integration.