September 27, 2022

15 Points

15 Points to Victory

1. Establish social programs for our youth that focus on character, physical health, and intelligence.

2. Forgive all Student Loan Debt; implement merit-based education system.

3. Invest in environmental sustainability and development of efficient clean energy solutions.

4. Abolish the Federal Reserve and establish a National Bank.

5. Freedom of association without state intervention.*

6. Rebuild the American industrial sectors.

7. Establish food security by revitalizing and localizing the agricultural industry.

8. Provide full coverage healthcare for American citizens.

9. Create an economic system that places the People over profit.

10. Reestablish law and order and reform the criminal justice system.

11. Improve and modernize national infrastructure.

12. Implement America First foreign policy.

13. Provide Universal Basic Income (UBI) and worker retraining programs, to combat increasing automation and stimulate the economy.

14. End Big Tech censorship and discrimination on social media

15. Protect borders and reform immigration policies