September 28, 2022

5 Points for a New Rome…


For a body politic…

For an organic state….

For the ideal of the state…

And for the establishment of corporate states worldwide.

We would see the birth of a New Rome: a New World Order and a New Man.

We bring forth a old vision applied anew: the vision for constant greatness –– for perfection is an never-ending process, after all.


Man is but an ape on the path to Godhood.

We will provide the language by which man can dominate himself.

We will provide the system by which man can transcend himself.

We will provide the vision by which man can bend the universe to his will, in perfect harmony with the NATURAL STRUGGLE of the NATURAL ORDER.

In light of a reality that is a TOTAL WAR, ours is a TOTAL VISION.


From the CHAOS of WAR emerges the FASCES: from the FASCES comes ORDER.

From CHAOS, the DEMOS is reigned over by the ARISTOS and the ARISTOS is reined in by the DEMOS in what is called the POLIS or THE STATE.

The Fasces are the ideal symbol for the state.

The Fasces are the ideal of the state.


Ours is an old creed, noble but not necessarily relegated to “the nobility”.

A symbol of duty, loyalty, and honour.

For it is only from these virtues that we can achieve excellence.


We would see an end to the rule of the merchant of the market: i.e. the plutocratic oligarch.

We would bring about the MARCH OF THE STATE.

We would bring about the reign of the UTOPIAN REGIME.

For we understand that just as you cannot have thought without action, you cannot have a utopia without a regime.