December 1, 2023

Doesn’t Matter Who is President: The Wars Must Go On!

I keep seeing people claim Trump never started new wars, that he stabilized the Middle East, and he killed the evil terrorist General Soleimani, and now Biden is starting new conflicts. Let’s get the facts straight: both Biden and Trump, along with every other President since the traitor LBJ—who came into power right after Kennedy was killed for not playing ball—never stopped the overseas agenda. Of course no “new wars” started under Trump because military operations never stopped; Biden is just continuing where Trump left off.

War today is not the same as it used to be: we don’t need full-scale invasions anymore, all we need to topple countries is harsh sanctions—which harm the innocent civilian population, hoping they overthrow their own government for us. Mercenaries like Blackwater—who literally conduct assassinations and get away with war crimes as they are accountable to no one—and proxies such as these so-called “rebels”—literally terrorists ranging from Al Qaeda, to Daesh, and ISIS—do our dirty work. With these three things alone we can easily topple any country as we have for decades. You see, these powerless puppets do the bidding of their masters and are following a script that is used over and over again: two steps forward, one step back, inching closer and closer to the end goal regardless of who is in power.

The media, fully controlled by the warmongers and their agents, create false narratives to sell to the people in order to gain support for their agenda. In order to do so, they have to demonize leaders of other nations and appeal to some kind of threat to our “national security”. For example, most people have been falsely led to believe that Iranian General Soleimani was a terrorist. This is 100% false. Not a single person can name an American he apparently killed. The lie that he is responsible for American deaths in Iraq is baseless. The Iraqis have their own militias that have been fighting our unjust occupation since the beginning of our invasion. Remember, we are the bad guys in this situation: we invaded a sovereign nation under the false pretense that Saddam had WMDs; we destroyed Iraq and killed nearly one million people, sacrificing several thousand of our own troops in the process. Of course everyone in the region wants us out, including most Americans! Yet for some reason, people forget this and continue to fall into the same lies over and over. Iraq literally voted us out of the region and we refused to leave, once again proving the “democracy” we spread with bombs to ostensibly free people from tyranny is another sham.

Most Americans never heard of this man until his death, yet he had to be taken out because he apparently was some kind of monster. However, many don’t even know that Soleimani was an ally of ours fighting against Al Qaeda in the early 2000’s, and he was the man who actually destroyed ISIS in the region during Trump’s administration, not Trump with his claim of killing Al Baghdadi during some secret mission—no different than Obama’s claim he killed Bin Laden. In both cases, zero proof was provided to the American people since both Obama and Trump were idols to their followers and needed not to provide any. But like a Hollywood script, the warmongers sell these fantasies to Americans and they eat them up because they will believe anything their favorite talking heads say since it makes them feel like something good has been done. I am not saying these men aren’t dead, but to believe the coincidental timing with zero proof of death is comical. Both narratives were created and released in order to justify our continuous and illegal operations in the Middle East.

Americans foolishly applauded the death of a man who they’ve never heard of before. Soleimani saved and freed countless Muslims and Christians from ISIS’ unspeakable barbarism. Assassinated on his way to Baghdad, he could’ve helped to create peace and stability in the region. But Americans simply do not care, nor do they understand what it meant for a US President to assassinate someone of this caliber. To understand the gravity and insanity of such an act, imagine if the Chinese decided to assassinate General Mattis because (insert lie) and America just took it. Trump, being the puppet he is, nearly risked WW3 just to assassinate someone he probably never heard of on behalf of these corrupt oligarchs. Iran did finally retaliate and injured 80 of our service members in a missile strike at Al Asad Airbase—where I was stationed in my second tour in Iraq. We are lucky no one died. After Iran showed its power and precision with their missile strikes, America did nothing and business continued as usual.

Aside from this retaliation, Iran has taken several abuses but refuses to take the bait for war. They easily could have done so many times, but they understand the catastrophic outcome of such a real war in the region: it would lead to massive casualties on all sides while the elite sit back and watch the Americans do their dirty work once more. Iran does not want war, nor are they building a nuclear weapons program. Many of the naysayers who do own nukes hypocritically cry about Iran’s secret and diabolical nuclear program—which has been debunked over and over again—while they are more than willing to extend their imperialist and aggressive agenda onto other countries.

A hard pill to swallow, especially for us former servicemen is this: We, America, have been the bad guys for very long time. We have literally been at war for over 200 years and we are only 244 years old. Iran hasn’t invaded a country in 300 years, which is longer than our entire existence as a nation, yet we lecture Iran and other countries about war, terrorism, and threats to world peace while we go around overthrowing and killing everyone based on lies. The last war Iran had was with Iraq: a war where the US backed Saddam and gave him chemical weapons. Iran defended itself from our agenda which used Saddam as a puppet, and once Saddam turned against his masters, we killed him. Again, there’s the US trying to destabilize the region for special interests that do not benefit any American citizen in the end whatsoever.

Now, I’m not a supporter of Iran’s theocracy or government, but I do not want war with anyone. I want the US to get out of the region and stop sending our boys and girls to die in the desert. I want us to start spending our tax dollars on America and truly improve our country rather than send billions to support other nations blowing each other up over land disputes. With the trillions we spend on needless wars, we could fix literally every problem we have internally, from education, healthcare and so on.

Of course most will never hear this information from the MSM because they are controlled by the very same people who want these things to occur. Despite truth in the media and government being at all time lows, most people believe these criminal organizations even though they have lied to us about virtually everything. I don’t trust any media and I do my own research, connecting the dots, and using logic to deduce what is more likely to be the case. I do not care what is politically correct or not, whose feelings are hurt, nor what my detractors call me. I also get my information directly from people across the world in these regions, from different activists and actual journalists living the stories they are reporting who show me direct proof, and also from former us congressmen/women and even CIA intelligence officers who have defected from the system.

One of the biggest reasons I was banned from all social media and have an endured a near decade-long libel/slander campaign from all kinds of organizations is because there is no “fact-checking” me into silence or even refuting me, there is only censoring me because I’m not stating tinfoil hat nonsense, I’m stating irrefutable facts that most of the world knows, but Americans living in their bubble and distracted by all kinds of comforts and division, have no clue about.

I hope these truths open your eyes and help you make more sense of the world. Most Americans do not know the truth because the people leading them are traitors feeding them lies. It is our job to feed them the truth and not apologize for it. We must be brave and blow their house of cards away, for our friends, family, countrymen, and our future!

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  1. We all know why you’re defending Iran and it certainly isn’t because you love America so much or even this nonsense pseudo-moralizing you’re trying to do here. You have a perceived enemy in the region you want destroyed. It’s your sole preoccupation.

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