November 29, 2023


Drifting towards the void.
Where did we go wrong?
Drifting slowly towards the edge of darkness.
Drifting, slowly getting closer to the edge of utter nothingness.
Utter darkness.
Drifting towards the point of no return.

Was this outside sources? 
Was this destiny?
This was our own doing.

Becoming complacent,
in the now, in the present.
Never looking to the future,
always ignoring the past.

What of the Overman?
What of the constant struggle?
What of human nature?
Have we drifted too far from our own destiny?

Drifting towards the void,
towards utter darkness,
utter nothingness; yet
in the center of the void, 
in the center of absolute nothingness,
in the center of Greed, gluttony, and materialism
there is a speck
almost as small as an atom.

A spec of light.

A spec of hope. 



We must progress towards the NEW FRONTIER

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