October 4, 2023

Ecofuturism: A Unique Solution for America

The politics of environmentalism in America, along with many other deadlocked issues in this heavily bipartisan country, embody a heated battle between the “climate alarmists” of the Left and “climate deniers” of the Right. While there is much to be dismayed about in regards to the future of the planet, the puritanical raging of the Progressive Left has ultimately backlashed into creating a hardened Conservative Right that has completely rejected any sense of environmental reform. As we saw during the Trump administration, the American Right praised the rolling back of measures that were deemed to be holding back the growth and efficiency of industry, the holy creed of Conservative politics.

The Failures of Capitalism

There is no doubt that the driving forces of capitalism have had a negative impact on the environment. Between the pressures that habitat destruction places on the biodiversity of the planet to the excess of greenhouse gases generated by industrial pollution, there seems to be no ethical imperative inherent in the system itself. The principal motivating factor of capitalism is the acquisition of capital with the residual effects on people and secondary systems an afterthought. As much as Conservatives would like to argue about the ethics of capitalism, it really wasn’t until organized labor unions and various government policies were enacted that the health and rights of workers were even fundamentally considered. I would like to argue that in criticizing capitalism, I do not assume the radical stance that the use of money and business creation should be abolished, but that government oversight and community reform is necessary to ensure a prosperous system. While I can agree with Progressives on the lack of moral imperatives on both people and environment in capitalism, the lack of populist appeal and their embrace of class warfare via “woke socialism” undermines the effective results that a third position government would in turn have on the system.

Third Position and Environment

At the core of Third Position is a sense of community that binds together each citizen through the healthy administration of the State. A sense of pride in neighbor and nation can only logically extend itself into the realm of environmental stewardship. As capitalist society encourages strong individualism and hedonistic gain, Third Position however ensures the health of the nation as its standard. A healthy people creates a strong nation, not some imaginary numbers of economic prosperity on the billboards of Wall Street. Capitalism has estranged us from the environment, as if we are somehow independent creatures from the plants and wildlife that we share on this planet. Yet, as the health of our natural resources decline, the impacts on the future of human survival are not something we can ignore.

Ecofuturism as the New Frontier

The American Spirit has always been about exploring the unknown and pioneering innovative solutions to address the problems of the age. It has been both a gift and a burden. Colonial expansion brought with it the ignorance of merely exporting European ways into a wild civilization and the growing complexity of technology in the Industrial Age initialized the destruction of community and culture we face today. Ecofuturism embraces the desire to grow our technologies and expand into the outer reaches of space, while recognizing a cohesive need to create a more sustainable and community focused society. It recognizes the mistakes of the past and hopes to achieve a mindset of true progress for every citizen of this country.

What is Ecofuturism?

Ecofuturism is a third positionist policy that encourages sustainable practices in a growing industrial economy, while offering balance to the expansion of man into unknown regions of the universe. Emphasis is placed on developing local agrarian communities and offering incentives to industries that incorporate green infrastructure practices. Through extensive research and funding into alternative energy sources and public transport systems, a sustainable city would be a welcoming place for its citizens. With education in the appreciation and management of natural resources, citizens will have an active role in the environment and ensure that conservation is an ongoing process in our nation. While taking care of our planet at home, we will spearhead initiatives to fund NASA and the Space Force for space exploration and the Coast Guard and Navy for mapping out the seafloor.


There is much to be learned from the political analysis of the Left and the creative solutions that have come out of that movement, however, Ecofuturism consequently aims to address the failings of leftist politics and bridge the gap between environmentalism and a populist movement that can win over the American public. It hopes to bring these ideas out of this niche that the Left has built for themselves and into a place where people feel comfortable engaging in productive conversations. Getting involved in nature can be relaxing and fun. By restoring these links between man and nature we can thus propel ourselves in restoring the fundamental bond between man, community, and nation.

One thought on “Ecofuturism: A Unique Solution for America

  1. I appreciate and agree with really everything that I read here. The only thing I was surprised NOT to see included is the fact that the main thing affecting the American eco-life is without a doubt the military industrial complex. All of the building of weapons and use of those weapons first destroys our own nation and people, but then destroys the world. In my adult life I look at what has happened to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen just for starters.

    As a Catholic I can’t support that for not only the tangible devastation and loss of innocent human life, but rather also because I don’t believe in the supremacy of any one group. You cannot spend enough money on anything in a capitalist society to convince me otherwise any more than taxing me to literal/economic death via Bolshevik Communism. Truly an American Fascist society is the only plausible and affective third way forward.

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