March 2, 2024

Elon Musk, Dogecoin, Late Night Shows, and Bolivian Coups

One of the strangest and most bizarre trends has begun to emerge in our increasingly deranged and unhinged world. The cult of personality behind Elon Musk has reached a fever pitch with the announcement of his SNL appearance. For some reason, this billionaire has risen past the ranks of superstardom; not only is he the richest man on the planet, he moves global markets on a whim. Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency originally started as a parody of Bitcoin, has risen to near impossible highs. The hype surrounding this meme coin has reached astronomical levels, making the lucky few, millionaires seemingly overnight. One might ask, as the value inches ever closer to “the moon,” how many shares might Elon have? Is this carefully orchestrated ruse, that has swept up the masses, poised for an astronomical crash?

For some, Elon Musk is a hero; for others, an inspiring entrepreneurial figure. Behind the memes, the awkward interviews, and the shiny electric toys and flashy rockets, there is the truth: Elon Musk is not what he seems. His following can largely be attributed to his perceived relatability. “Look guys, he posts memes like us! HAHA Funny memes, Elon! Talk about Dogecoin again!” Whether it is intentional or not, he has expertly crafted a shield around himself composed of fanboys and girls alike, all worshipping at his altar. It would be hard to believe that his entire public persona wasn’t the result of carefully orchestrated PR campaigns and numerous focus group tests, but we can’t really prove that this is the case. For all his fame and celebrity status, there is one thing that we know for sure: Elon Musk is not a good person. Occasionally the real Elon lets slip the mask, and on those occasions we see the man for who he really is.

On July 25th, 2020 a twitter user that goes by the handle @Historyofarmani, had this altercation with Musk

This allegation and subsequent response by Musk would have destroyed the reputation of many an oligarch. In this case, however, it was almost entirely swept under the rug, and most people, have no idea this altercation ever occurred. In order to understand the context, we need some backstory. 

Teslas, as well as all of the electric-car-producing companies, create vehicles powered by lithium ion batteries. As the name implies, lithium is the primary component in these batteries that allows them to be charged and subsequently discharged producing an electrical current. Lithium is most often found in hard rock mines, or as is the case in South America, brine beneath the surface of salt flats. Chile and Argentina are two of the largest producers of Lithium, falling shortly behind Australia. However, there is another South American country poised to join the ranks: Bolivia. The graph below highlights something very interesting.

The lithium output from 2017-2019 has been dramatic, to say the least. This increase seems to have caught the eyes of Musk, and more importantly, the American government, whose subsidies have kept Tesla above water for over a decade. Itching to increase his market share in the burgeoning electric car market, Musk has, whether purposefully or not, forced America’s hand. Not that it would have taken that much effort, because if there is one thing the American Empire does best, is exploit and conquer third world countries for their natural resources. 

In an article by The Intercept, the extent of the US’s manipulation is laid bare. It’s important to know that since 2005, Bolivia had been led by the first indigenous and Socialist leader, Evo Morales, who in 2019 was removed from office as a result of a carefully planned and orchestrated coup by the US government. Evo Morales won the vote by 7.9 points, triggering a run off election, which saw Morales win by an even greater margin of 10.6 points. This was then refuted by an endless media barrage that hurled baseless accusations claiming Morales rigged the election. This event ended up forcing Morales into exile, and the US puppet leader Jeanine Anez was given the reigns of power. In 2020, she would be removed from power and arrested when Morales returned from exile and his Movement for Socialism (MAS) regained control of the Bolivian government. By now we know the script, as we have seen it time and time again: A populist leader rises to power, firmly supported and championed by the people, with the goal of raising their people out of the dirt and into prosperity, only to be brutally beaten down by the American Empire. Unfortunately, those individuals who wax poetic about the evils of the American Empire, will go out of their way to ignore or even defend the actions of their “Dogefather.” 

What does Elon Musk have to do with this? Well, our country has given rise to the most powerful and influential people on the planet; their ability to manipulate the US government in order to profit from their own endeavors is simply staggering. For example, Facebook and Amazon are the two largest lobbyists in the US government; they have the ability to manipulate public opinion and legislate their way further and further into government until they are nigh inseparable. These companies and the people who lead them, are no better than parasites feasting on their host, slowly devouring it.

In a time when political instability has driven more and more people from their lands, causing them to stream over our borders in an unrelenting tide, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the oligarchs who control our government are to blame. They manipulate our markets, destabilize countries both foreign and their own, control the minds of our men, and worst of all, turn us against our fellow Americans. 

The largest division in this country is not between the Whites and Blacks, the Hispanics and Asians, it’s between the Oligarchs and the People. Unfortunately, Elon Musk’s meteoric rise and his upcoming appearance on SNL are only solidifying his grip on the minds of the people.