November 29, 2023

Family Is as Family Is

Tender of that soft humble light,
you keep the warmth in our hearts and the love that enhances life.
I seek your insight to my thoughts. 

Why is the family sacred?
Oh, family. A test of life as old as we;
through death, traitors, and disease it survived. 
Thus it shall forever endure.

Family, so close, yet so distant,
much like the love we have for them.
A madding contradiction, one must have always wonder of their family’s thoughts,
even if you do not care you care, a sickening paranoia,
and much like them, always there. 

Oh blessed goddess
I know. I know. 
There is no exact answer to my thoughts;
so I shall always look and wonder about the unknown in this endless night. 

The night will always reach out to what little light there is in our lives in its attempt to snuff it out.
Thus the time has come my brothers! 
Time to throw out your care, and embrace our families,
for they are Sacred and so they shall always be. 

 Family is that light we need in our lives for they will always be with us.