March 3, 2024

Filtering Out the Good

My grandfather was involved in politics, and when he had reached a certain level, interested parties began offering him things which could have been considered bribes. This was not because he was in a position of power, but rather only because he spoke to and had influence on a person in power. I’m proud to say that he refused and was taken aback by this. Shortly afterward, he was lucky enough to be able to sit with an American Vice Presidential candidate and talk to him. After he had explained what had happened, he asked which people in politics take these kinds of bribes. The candidate’s answer?…“Everyone.”

Who would participate in a sick system and think they were making the world a better place? The better question might be, who would refuse to participate? And the answer is – people with moral standards. It’s a little like panning for gold then throwing out the gold and keeping the sand. 

With a little logic one can see how things could get progressively worse. After the people with very high standards quit, the bar lowers. After the bar lowers, people with only slightly lower standards quit, and so it goes until the only people left in the mix are crooked.

One thought on “Filtering Out the Good

  1. This was by far the best thing I’ve read in quite awhile: Short, to the point, and true. Thank you.

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