November 30, 2023

Hate to Hope, Hope to Hate

A burning passion with the explosive feeling like that of a volcano.
Oh so many forms you take.
The greatest of all is self-hate.

I hate my self.
I have always hated myself.
I hate the way I walk, the way I talk,
the way my hair curls. I just hate!

There is nothing more draining and damaging then self-hate.
Nothing better to spring board you toward self-improvement.
But hate it burns quick, once it is gone you are left with nothing.
To rely on hate is to allow your self to be defeated.
I am tired of hate.

A burning passion that will reach the strength of the greatest flames.
Through time and struggle it shall be achieved.
For one who has hated for as long as I, it is not easy to find.

Slowly I shall find it,
step by step.
One at a time.