October 3, 2023

Hegel for Heroes

I) “The state is the march of God through the world.”

2) “It is the right of heroes to found states.”

3) “World historical men – the Heroes of an epoch – must be recognized as its clear-sighted ones; their deeds, their words are the best of that time. Great men have formed purposes to satisfy themselves, not others.

4) “The origin of a State involves imperious lordship on the one hand, instinctive submission on the other. Obedience – Lordly power, and the fear inspired by a ruler – in itself implies some degree of voluntary connection…

5) “A World-Historical individual is devoted to the One Aim, regardless of all else.  It is even possible that such men may treat other great, even sacred interests inconsiderately; conduct which is indeed obnoxious to moral reprehension. But so mighty a form must trample down many an innocent flower or crush to pieces many an object in its path… It is the absolute interest of Reason that this moral Whole should exist; and herein lies the justification and merit of heroes who have founded states – however rude these may have been.”

Quotes taken from Hegel’s Philosophy of History and Philosophy of Law.