• Biden and Putin Meet for the First Time
    Biden and Putin met for the first time Wednesday at a summit in Geneva. Putin said that the meeting was “constructive,” while Biden said he “did what I came to do.” In my view, Putin is a more competent leader, being that he is not a decaying old man like Biden is. Whatever was said
  • Texas Embraces Constitutional Carry
    Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is planning to sign a bill that will enact Constitutional Carry into law. Even with a bit of push back from police, gun control, and public groups, the bill which passed the state House and Senate late last month will allow for Texas citizens aged 21 and up, to carry
  • House Okays Bill to Make “Juneteenth” Federal Holiday
    The House on Wednesday voted in favor of making Juneteenth a national federal holiday—415 were in favor of the bill; 14 were not. The Democrats are hoping that President Biden will sign it into law by Saturday the 19th, on Juneteenth. 47 states already celebrate Juneteenth, including the District of Columbia; it will become the 11th federal

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