December 1, 2023

How the Race-Baiting Media Sows Division

Because the American media is run by the Globalists, their modus operandi is no different than that of the Jewish Bolsheviks who overthrew the monarchy of Czar Nicholas II and exterminated 30 million White Christians during the “Russian” Revolution. Their strategy implements the idea that the “haves-nots” must overthrow the “haves” in order to obtain true equality and social justice. Since White people are the majority in the US, they are considered the “haves” that must be weakened and overthrown, whereas all American minorities are the “have-nots” that must unite together to get the job done. That is why you see a blatant anti-White and anti-Christian bias in media, Hollywood, and academia. It should be obvious that White people do not control these institutions and an alien force has usurped them.

Since much of America’s minorities have been convinced that they are magically oppressed by this evil thing called “White Supremacy”—which is never clearly defined and kept vague so it can be used to demonize virtually anything—they are easily weaponized and mobilized to attack the White majority, especially when they can gain power in society by going along with it. Unfortunately, even many White folks have become conditioned to join in on the anti-White hate because they, too, are incentivized to help destroy the country our forefathers founded. Of course such incentives will only benefit them in the short term and will eventually lead to their utter destruction later on, just as the Russian proletariat learned under the Soviet Union.

Since the Globalists have full control of virtually all media in America, with the exception of some outlets on the Internet, they are able to constantly lie and push their agenda without much backlash. In order to cover all bases, they implement every psychological trick possible, but their favorite and most bold trick seems to be gaslighting. The gaslighting works like this: anytime a White person kills someone from a minority group, it’s “OMG! White Supremacy” and is automatically assumed to be a “hate crime.” But when the victims of an interracial crime are White—which happens more often—the media doesn’t turn it into a racial issue, and in fact, sometimes will even make excuses for such crimes. When minorities are killed by other minorities, such as the rampant Black-on-Black crime in Chicago—literally every weekend there are shootings—Black lives don’t seem to really matter to the media. The reason for this is because these incidents do not further the “White-Supremacy-is-the-greatest-threat-to-minorities” narrative, and in fact, refutes it completely. But the second a White person takes a Black person’s life, again, the media sounds the alarms as if Hollywood Hitler rose from the dead with an army of Nazis ready to exterminate all minorities.

Just recently, there was a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado where the gunman was a Syrian immigrant who killed 10 White people. Was this called, or even investigated as, a “hate crime”? Was there a “Stop White Hate” campaign all over social media and the News? Of course not. However, just a few days prior there was a shooting spree in Atlanta, Georgia where the perpetrator was White. This incident was instantly considered racially motivated, and all media pushed a “Stop Asian Hate” campaign. Yet this shooting had nothing to do with Asian hate, especially when not all the victims were Asian, and the shooter stated his motives were not racial, but driven by a sexual perversion he was dealing with. As usual, the anti-White globalist media, seeing that a White person was the shooter, wasted no time to jump on the opportunity to push a false, race-based narrative to further turn minorities against the White majority. The Media is banking on the fact most people are usually too emotionally disturbed to actually question the narrative, and are more susceptible to fall victim to their “White Supremacy” deception in such a state. However, no matter how much gaslighting, lies, and distortions, the fact remains: there is no White Supremacy.

One could argue that just a few decades ago there was White Supremacy, but it was virtually eliminated by the 1965 Civil Rights Act. There are no laws that exist today which hold down any of America’s minorities. Does this mean that racists and bigots don’t exist? Of course not, but there is no systematic oppression of anyone. There are no systematic racial issues other than those the race-pimps and race-baiters conjure up and promote in order to make a living convincing and dividing Americans while pushing cultural Marxism. These types are the shills and henchmen of the Parasite Class, whether they are aware of it or not.

I know the race-baiting agenda first hand; I used to be involved in such circles and it split my family apart. However, I studied the problem, identified the fallacies, and I corrected myself. It was not easy for me, and it certainly won’t be easy for most people, especially when there are always “experts” and talking-heads using facts and statistics to justify their positions which will attract the more logical types to their narratives. But such logical types typically fail to realize that humanity and society are not just black-and-white (no pun intended); there are grey areas in life and reality. However, the Parasite Class has their agents and shills everywhere, promoting half-truths, along with nonstop fearmongering to suck people into a defensive position, hoping they will just breakdown and give in so they can be unleashed like rabid dogs to attack an intended target. We must realize that most people simply cannot withstand the never-ending bombardment of race-baiting propaganda and will start to believe the information they see and hear, whether it is true or not. Remember, nothing on any produced media is an accident; everything is put there for a reason, so you should wonder why they are telling you certain things that may upset you on one hand, but covering up or completely avoiding speaking about obvious things on another.

Always look at it from this perspective: if they are blaming an entire group for something that an individual has done, they are committing what is called the “Fallacy of Composition.” In other words, they’re trying to convince you that everyone from a group is the same because of the behaviors of one or several people from any given group. For example, when they claim that White people are the greatest domestic terror threat in the US just because some mass shooters happen to be White, it is literally racism, bigotry, and prejudice against all innocent White people. Such a narrative that has a logical fallacy as its foundation cannot be true, but they are banking that Americans are too emotional about whatever tragedy that just transpired to make them hate and fear White people as a whole.

As of right now, White folks are obviously the main target of the globalist, Parasite Class, but for those of you non-White readers out there: don’t think for a second that your group isn’t going to be or hasn’t been undermined already; your group is also on the chopping block. And if our enemies were to succeed in effectively destroying the White majority and installing their cultural-Marxist dystopia, what will stop them from doing the same to your group?

We are dealing with a parasitical, supremacist tribe; everyone is a target because every human being outside of their group is just a pawn in their agenda for global domination. That is why, we at New Frontier, call for the total unification of all Americans against our common enemy, for it is the only way we can stand a chance against them, destroy their machinations, and truly free ourselves from their tyranny.