November 29, 2023

How to Bring Back the Western Man…

This small article is intended to discuss how the feminization of western men has impacted civilization in Western society, and I will elaborate on how to solve this dire situation at hand. 

Firstly let’s discuss how current Western men have fallen to a shadow of their previous ancestors: Western men have gone from conquering foreign lands, untouched by mankind, to being afraid to stand up for what is right due to social repercussions. Yet, not all of the blame can be placed on purely social factors… men must look to themselves for allowing the situation to become so dire that even speaking out at their own dining table can be blasphemous.

One huge problem is a lack of fatherhood in the home. This conundrum is enhanced by the current welfare state: a system that tends to promote and disproportionately benefit single-parent households rather than families.

This dynamic is in direct opposition to the natural order of things. It also correlates with a lack of positive masculinity: when a Father is removed from a home, a young man can only turn to his mother for advice.

Of course, if you look at the symbiotic system between men and women, they both play a huge role. Women, give that loving, caring aspect to a child. Men give a more stern, structured environment for a child. Men also teach young men how to channel masculinity into a vessel to use in society, work, and hobbies. 

Young men must reject the false dichotomy and extreme polarity of modernity and embrace what is natural to them. They must embrace the path that their ancestors paved in stone. For this broken and torn world is not meant for you, yet you must change it. You must build a state, society, and a country that adheres to nature and unifies your fellow people. 

Ultimately, the only way to solve the current situation at hand, is by building a strong state: a state that supports its people, a state that adheres to natural law, and a state that implements programs and ways to help young men in society. 

A strong state is necessary to help mold young men, who have a disadvantage due to a lack of fatherhood, into a beautiful, functioning members of society. A strong state can help to sublimate and transmute toxic masculinity into a powerful fuel and a strong substance to mold a young man into a pillar of society. 

We must  have a strong state to ensure young men can be molded into strong workers, warriors, and fathers. Men are not created, they are molded by their fathers before them. The teachings of their bloodline are passed down through traditions. This is a way for your father to live on through you. This is the symbiotic natural law that has existed for thousands of years. We must have a strong state to uplift this code. For, if you abandon this tradition, you reap the repercussions that we sow in modern times (e.g.: isolation, anxiety, depression, and even sociopathy/psychopathy). To fix this error and to reinstate the natural law, you must have a strong enough state to do so.



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