March 3, 2024

It’s Idiocracy or Star Trek

As a people, we are at a cross roads for what our future holds: ‘Idiocracy’ or ‘Star Trek’.

In other words: it’s a dumbed down divided mass (pursuing their own personal gratifications), or a structured, unified society (pursuing great goals). 

Just to give a quick synopsis for those who have not seen of or heard of the movie Idiocracy:

It’s a comedy about a dystopian future, although everyone in the future is too damn ignorant to realize that they are living in a dystopia.

The plot of the story goes as follows:

The U.S government sends a totally average, in every way, guy into the future using a cryogenic chamber…

In this future, which very well could be our own; the people with low IQ’s have massively out bred the people with higher IQs resulting in a world of dummies…

Technically “technological dummies”, they have the benefit of the technology left behind by the intelligent-innovators that created them. But they are left with no know-how on why, or how the machines/tech work…

They just know they work and make life easier.

So long story short, this ‘modern’ average guy goes into this dumbed down future and turns out to be a genius compared to the people of the future. These “shit-for -brains of the future” are only concerned with what “feels good” or what makes them “happy”.

Sound familiar? 

Star Trek, on the other hand, is a future with a unified, structured society, which is fuelled by science, technology, and questing the unknown universe––exploring the unknown space, just as thousands of years ago the bravest and most driven explored the unknown seas. It’s The ‘Faustian Spirit’ manifest.

As of today in 2020, we are rapidly heading towards Idiocracy. We are in the age of the “Google Intellectual”: anytime you argue with someone online you can almost hear them run to google and search answers to fit their confirmation bias. 

Personally, there have been times when I have been in-debate with people and they have played the ‘know it all’ on subjects that I’ve had deep knowledge on/they were obviously ignorant of…

I’ve lost track how many times I have been able to copy and pastes someone’s reply (on a topic) in the search bar and find the exact sentence on a Wikipedia page or some other site found on the first page of the search. 

And my deep knowledge on a topic, or yours for that matter, doesn’t come from being born with it, but from putting in the time and effort to be more learned on a topic. That time & effort usually involves reading actual books on topics and taking the time to reflect & research what you have read to reach your own conclusion.

This process of self-learning has seemed to be lost on the majority of people today. People seem to be more concerned with simply just convincing themselves “they are right” despite being factually wrong in reality; Or just like their food, they want their knowledge ‘fast’. This highlights a lack of critical thinking abilities & a fragile ego. A most toxic combination when it comes to discussing ideas or events in time, space, and ultimately, history.

Peoples’ inability to admit when they are wrong (or even take the time to acquire deep knowledge on a topic) is not a result of low IQ, but of societal and cultural influence of modernity: where quick, feel good, ignorant answers are in vogue.

This can be fixed in a structured society.

But what is truly alarming and much less-reversible is the declining average IQ of humans…

Although a global epidemic, I’ll stay focused on my country, America…

Higher IQ people breed less, and lower IQ people breed more, not my opinion but an observed and documented fact. Now is IQ the be-all and end-all of what is ‘Intelligence’?

No, it is not. But it is an indicator of cognitive functionality. This does matter.

And this is my opinion because I haven’t seen or looked for data on it; But it seems plausible that, with the “YOLO mentality” and “do-what-feels-good philosophy”––you have people having more frequent sex with more frequent partners instead of using virtues to control physical desires and find partners with the most intellectual and emotional commonalties.

Thus, you raise the probabilities of higher IQ people breeding with lower IQ people in turn, (in a general sense) lowering the potential of producing higher IQ children.

In fact if it wasn’t for abortion the situation would be much more dire than it is today. Planned Parenthood is truly doing God’s work, despite what the kooky-cucks who call themselves “conservatives” may say. 

Unless we take the reins of society and bring this current path of individualism to a complete halt––we are destined to lead our children (and their children’s children) into a regressive society, where the potential of mankind continues to be squandered. 

But the declining IQ of the general population is not the only reason a structured-society is needed… In fact there are many reasons, but for the sake of time will we focus on the most glaring reasons:

  • The rapid increase in population: More breeding means more people.
  • The decrease in IQ + increase in population: More people with a lower IQ is not a good mix.
  • The Increase in pollution: more people with low IQ means more reckless consumption and increased pollution.
  • The decreasing supply of resources: more people with low-IQ means more reckless consumption and decreasing resource availability.

 While IQ declines, population grows, and resources dwindle––you would think our attention as a species would be focused on these massive problems. But of course they are not.

You have crazy-geniuses out there struggling for attention or funding, while, on an annual basis, the masses of people throw billions of dollars away on fads, entertainment, or emotionally-driven manufactured-causes.

The sad reality is: more people know the name “Kim Kardashian” than “Aubrey de Grey”. The people (entertainers) who were towards the bottom of the social hierarchy (for example, in Ancient and Imperial Rome) have now surpassed the Innovators in worth. Entertainment (which is a distraction) is a more worthy pursuit then Innovation

One has to understand: The current reality is by design!

This is designed, by no mistake, or by evolution, or by anything organic for that matter.

This is where individualism coupled with mercantilism has brought us.

And who are modern promoters of this spiritual & physical decline?

The International corporate & money oligarchies: whose only care is to remain in their ivory towers, high above the plebs; all-the-while cashing in on & degrading the plebs by over stimulation of their lower instincts.

But all is not in despair!

I have hope because I know that we are where we are today because people have been molded to be the way they are today. People have been fooled by these terms “liberty” and “freedom” and other abstract concepts.

They think having access to 6 million porn sites is freedom and they think abundant access to fast food and liquor stores is a result of liberty

These people have been swindled by usurpers and usurers.  

No matter what, you are part of a structured system, be it nature or your surroundings. Even this modern spiritual-debauchee was the result of a process, a form of a structure.

Why are more people concerned with the size of a girl’s ass than great scientific goals? Because they have been conditioned to be.

 The “free markets” created monopolies that attacked the weakest part of the human make-up: our primal urges… It’s the low hanging fruit that the capitalist loves to pick.

Because we have been reduced to mere consumers, the international business-oligarchies have no concern for our mental and physical well-being. Their only concern is profit. 

But I believe things are changing: we have had our fill in hedonism and nihilism. As the biblical saying goes: Man cannot live off bread alone. Our collective subconscious is starting to surface, and it is asking for more out of our lives then just simply working, buying, and dying.

That Faustian Spirt, that takes whatever measures necessary to advance, is coming to surface. This is seen in the advent of the 3rd Position: an organic process, first dismal & scattered, but soon to introduce itself like a surprise thunderstorm––seemingly out of nowhere, with a roar so loud it will shake, then crumble, the foundations of the ivory towers that our “elites” look down on us from.

The time has come for a structured-society built around: Collectivism, Science, Knowledge, Wisdom, Spirituality, Strength, Brotherhood.

A questing spirit for understanding and mastering the unknown, a molding of a New Man: a better man, not a man addicted to big macs and fat asses, but a true Overman. This is what is necessary.

 No matter what system we live under, we are being molded by our environment. This realization is both the cause and the cure for the dystopian future that awaits us. It all matters upon who we allow to ‘mold’ us? The corporate oligarchies, who exploit and degrade or the Fascist who enhances and lionizes?

So Comrades, in the end: it’s “Idicracy” or “Star Trek”. Which will you choose? 

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  1. Great article. Very few people are brave enough to talk about this issue. It has a profound effect on the future but there are few people who are willing to tackle it. I hear it mentioned sometimes in the media that the next phase will be achieved with genetic manipulation, but in order to get good at something, one must first practice. And who is willing to let their children be the first experiments? The way forward must be encouraging high quality people to have kids and discouraging low quality people. But this is so unpopular that no one wants to take it on.

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