March 2, 2024

Just Be Better

Endless, like that of the starry sky.
Powerful, like the emotion of love.
Deathless, like that of the immortal gods. 

I am here wandering around, with a firm but blurry goal in my mind.
What is it? How can I see it more clearly?
I think I know, but do I really?
I look around and see only loneliness, emptiness, and love. 
I feel Love, and it is limitless; but so too is loneliness.

I mess up. I mess up a lot.
I am stuck in darkness, even though I am working to escape. 
It is difficult,
Especially when it seems I do not do enough to fight. 
That wonderful golden light seems so distant.
Even if I feel better, I am too far. 
I refuse to give in. I just need to fight.

But what if I am too tired, or maybe lazy would be better, to keep up this fight? 

I want to keep going.
I do not want to be me.
I need to keep going.
I just want to be. 




What about but? Everything after but is bullshit. 

Just be better.