November 26, 2022

Men Among the Possibilities: Forging a Path to Victory

A few years ago during a Q & A session, I revealed that eventually I would go into politics and try to take the Third Position (3P) message to the public square. That decision was not one I ever really wanted to make, but being ‘awake’ since 2001 I had run the course of the typical options of someone who looked for ways to be active. Of course, making the educational content videos on 3P was one of my endeavors, but I never confused that with actual activism. On top of that, I joined organizations from the internet, which resulted in the same stagnation most of these groups end up in. Frustrated by this, in 2010 I made my own group AIP (American Integralist Party), but like the other groups I had joined in my past this also lead nowhere. Still having that fire to do something, instead of accepting the popular copes of the woke internet community—sitting on the sidelines complaining about “no political solutions” or waiting for the world to fall apart in a Mad Max-like dystopian future-fantasy—I instead felt I had to take the path less traveled: taking 3P to the people.

Over the years the “Cultured Thug” account has gotten some hate, but even more adulation. To me, the ‘hate’ and ‘love’ I got from the internet were one in the same: hot air. I learned to ignore both the haters and supporters, because both were irrelevant to the real-world processes that affected our daily lives and that of our country. I have heard, more times than I can count—“CT you made me a Fascist”—and even though I played cordial, I knew those were hollow statements. One does not simply proclaim himself a ‘Fascist’, but he has to become one, be obsessed with it, seek ways to advance his ideology, and spread it to his fellow countrymen. There was then and still now very little of this.

So to say the least, my expectations of people from the online communities were pretty low. That is why I felt running for politics under a 3P agenda was my own cross to bear. Not that I ever wanted to be a ‘leader’—in fact quite the opposite—but I had grown old waiting on a leader, and realized sitting back being an ‘educator’ in my comfortable life was my cope. So I made the decision that win or lose I would do what was humanly possible to take the 3P message to the very people who would initially hate me for it.

It was not until a viewer out of Finland (of all places) reached out to me and asked: why don’t I see if anyone else was willing to take the plunge into politics with me to promote the good word of 3P? Somewhere around August/September, he set up a channel on Riot chat (now Element) and I made a video asking all that would listen to join me in the pursuit of raising 3P from the grave in the very country that was the center of international finance capitalism (America with its multi-racialism, multi-religions, regionalism, the dogmatism of liberal individualism, class conflict, commodity fetishism, and Stockholm syndrome defenders of the “free market” being the worst place to promote a message of unity through the strong state). But yet, to my surprise, people answered the call.

Since our creation we have met weekly online: first to have discussion and debate over the platform some of us would run on (which even though all of us do not agree with everything, we were still able to come to a consensus and be proud of what we created); then to have discussions on creating blogs, webcasts, social media outlets and other means of reaching out to people and building support. We started monthly to put dues into our “war-chest” and to ask for financial support from viewers and potential supporters (which was and still is a very new concept to me as I have previously never asked for a cent and turned down donations people tried to send me. But now there was a real reason, the money goes towards our eventual political campaigns, and even though we will never match the political finance of the established local political heads, every dollar matters on a shoestring budget). Our goal is to get $10,000 for every person running, which once again is nothing compared to our opponents but hopefully enough to be able to place our posters around town.

Throughout the process, people have come and gone. Like with anything there is always fat to be cut. But still today individuals reach out to get involved, which we only hope continues to be the case.

This past weekend we had our biggest breakthrough: 13 people from around the country made it out to my house for our first real life meet. Even though every member could not make it, it was still impressive to see people flying and driving from all across the country on their own dime & time to meet face to face and solidify our connection. Some people had never taken a plane or traveled out of their state in their whole lifetime, but yet they found a way.

What’s even more is there were no awkward moments; we had been forged through the clashing of personalities, arguments, and doubts already. Through the ups and downs over the months we kept it together for the mission, over our personal interests: a brotherhood truly being formed by the merging of our different personalities towards a common goal. We had spent the months before the meet-up mainly focused on business. This was a time to get together to know each other, to laugh with each other, to share brotherly support for one another, for the task ahead of us brings few laughs.

Everyone involved has had to overcome their own doubt, doubt and fear from their loved ones, and doubt and hate from the internet. When everyone around you is throwing black-pills at you it is great to have a white-pilling moment where we all understand: we will go through this together, even if our family, friends, and loved ones don’t understand it. Because people are attracted to what we are doing, we simply cannot turn it off. What we realize is we all have a fire burning inside that pushes us to go against the grain, no matter the cost. There is no real option to shirk that responsibility because that will just end in internal prolonged torture. It takes a special person to throw off the satin-shackles and put themselves at financial/personal risk. A special person and a bit of crazy is needed, and we got that tenfold!

Since releasing our platform to the public we have gotten hate from all sides: the online faction of American White separatists and the Jewish supremacists—already being banned twice off YouTube & having articles and hit-pieces against us…and yet we are still in the infant stage! To us, this is a good sign. But we also know this is nothing compared to the hate we will get (if done right) by the mainstream media and the misinformed public, but yet, there is no capitulation. We move forward because there is no other option.

Of the people involved, in the coming years, some of us will run for office; others will support by helping those run for office, by knocking on doors, or placing up posters etc. Others will help with web development and design, video editing, article writing, and more. Nobody is given orders on what to do. There is no leader. We seek to improve each other to make leaders out of us. People are only asked to help where they best can, but they must contribute!

This was the first meet-up of many; we plan on twice a year (one on the East Coast, one on the West). If a member cannot make it to at least one meet-up per year, they are asked to leave the group. If one of us sacrifices our time, and funds, then all must, or you’re not in the struggle with us. If someone cannot make it to a meet-up, you better believe they won’t be there when it’s time to get to work on the campaigns.

I was proud to meet with young idealistic-minded men that want to blaze a new future for our country: those who have rejected the complacency of the black-pill or the comfort gulags around them, and rather, much like our forefathers, seek the adventure of a New Frontier.

2 thoughts on “Men Among the Possibilities: Forging a Path to Victory

  1. C/t I couldn’t make it to the first one, but 1 way or the other i look forward to meeting everyone at the second. This article was by for an inspiration for many, but for those like myself it was a reminder that wanting to get rid of what’s wrong is 1 thing. But trying to do something better to replace the craps is another. To this movement I raise my cup, salute’.

  2. C/T, I am in a different nation, so cannot be on the ground with you in your struggle in the USA, however will visit this site often to take away ideas for where I am from. I have been reading much about 3rd position politics since 2018, and yes I would have been one of the guys who emailed you with praise, but in reality the main thing was to talk with someone like yourself.
    My way of helping others fight globalist and promote nationalism is via political cartoons and propaganda artwork. People must bring their strengths to help in whatever way they can.
    Robert Penman

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