October 2, 2022

Merry Christmas: The Top Ten Third Position YouTube Channels

Ho ho ho! Here’s a little present from Santa.

They come and they go. Third Position is one of the most censored topics on YouTube. Some elements and phrases are avoided by content providers at this point, but the content is still quite insightful and – I believe – necessary for understanding our current political situation. 

The following is a list of the current top ten Third Position YouTube Channels ranked in no particular order.

  1. Cultured Thug – Of course our first choice. He is the inspiration for this blog, and one of our main content providers. His videos are literature reviews that provide a deep dive into Third Position Philosophy and Thought.
  1. Ronin Report – If you haven’t tried this out, you’re in for a treat. This is a weekly news commentary given from the Third Positionist point of view of view. 
  1. 3rd Way Radio – This is another one of ours. It’s a talk show covering different political topics from a Third Position perspective.
  1. Rights and duties – Although this program is promoted as traditional Catholic, it frequently ventures into the area of politics and the host Trad Patrick is a firm Third Positionist. His knowledge of traditional Corporatism is quite extensive.
  1. Zoltanous HN – Good ole Zolt. His topic range is broad but the research is done in depth.
  1. New Ruins 09 – Not a Third Positionist himself, but he gives it a fair reckoning. Definitely worthwhile.
  1. Thamster WitNat – Thamster is a scholar and knows the ins and outs of Western Philosophy. Sometimes feels like being in a college class.
  1. Thirdpath – He’s a newcomer but shows lots of promise. Worth checking out.
  1. Morgoth – This one was recently recommended to me, but from a random sampling of the videos and the extent of them seem do deserve mention here. 
  1. Keith woods – Lots of content. Good quality. One of the heavies. 

So, hopefully you’ve learned of some new sites to explore. Hope you enjoy them. Ho, ho, ho!

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