December 3, 2022


Imagine what went through their minds, as the enemy ran through the destroyed great gates of Troy and slaughtered their people. After ten long years the war is finally about to end—not the conclusion the Trojans would have hoped for but the end nonetheless. This story is a long one, full of misfortune. For those that died, it has ended; for those that survived, theirs was just beginning. Aeneas escapes the fires that consumed the palace of his ancestors, and made his way to the ships to begin his voyage, battling through the many challenges caused by his cousin Paris and by the gods his actions have angered. He never let it stop him for he knew that the misfortune he currently suffers will not be in vain, for it is his bloodline that gives birth to the might of Rome.

Misfortune is something we all will deal with from time to time. For some, it is spread out and will come over time, while others will get it all piled on at once. How we react to misfortune is controllable as long as we have the will and the drive to push forward. Lately, my life has been one hurdle after the next. I was robbed by people I trusted (including someone I considered dating)—they took about $2,000 worth of precious metals from me. I got COVID and it hit me hard making me unable to eat for two weeks, and making me too weak to make the trip to Vegas with my fellow comrades. Even though I worked three different jobs last year, I ended up owing the IRS from my taxes. The rear axle on my truck was shattered so I had to leave it on a side road where it was then broken into. The people broke my small back window and now I found out my transmission is shot as well, so now it is little more than scrap metal. If that wasn’t enough, I was laid off from work for a little while.  Except for the theft which happened a little earlier this year, everything happened in March.

Like many people, when things pile up like that I take it hard and break down. When I was sick I had a lot of negative thoughts cross my mind wondering why I am in politics at all, I considered myself pathetic, one of the stupidest people to walk the earth, and I even considered suicide. This was not the first time these thoughts have crossed my mind. I have been dealing with it so much since I was a child, that I know by now I would never actually do it. I have too much to do, and I believe it takes a certain form of strength to commit suicide that I do not possess. With that understanding of myself, I was able to laugh at my stupidity and get over my negative thoughts quickly, understanding that I am not perfect and have my weaknesses like any man. I know I just need to keep moving forward one step at a time and improve myself. Thankfully I was able to get my job back; they are even paying me for the time missed. Living right down the road from where I work gives me the benefit of riding my bike there with no problem. (maybe get rid of some of my fat). It shows that good things can come from the bad.

Unfortunately here in the US, many are not taught ways to overcome our misfortunes. From the lack of strong parental figures to the individualized society we live under, it is up to us to learn how to overcome misfortune or get lost in that sea. Too many allow their problems to weigh them down because they are surrounded by other individuals who have either given up on the fight or do not think helping their friends or family is their responsibility. If American society is unable to move forward through our greatest challenges, we will continue our decline. Things are grim right now. Better yourself, work hard and dedicate yourself—mind, body, and soul—to either learning or doing something creative. That is the goal for humans anyway: to learn and create beauty. What more is there? Over time, and with the proper dedication our Nation will pull through. There is already a New Frontier and a new mission for us all to look forward to. May the gods guide us as we walk our path.

Credit to Censored Anon for his video on Misfortune, it was a great help!