14-Year-Old Trans Activist Supports Trans Athletes

Various states across the country are putting increasing limitations on trans athletes being able to participate in sports for elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. New Jersey has protections for trans athletes, and CBS News interviewed one of the activists fighting for the rights of trans athletes. 14-year old Rebekah Bruesehoff, a male-to-female transgender, tells how it felt wrong to be competing with boys in sports and felt more at ease playing with the girls. 

Rebekah “transitioned” in the fourth grade, and her mother suggested that Rebekah try attending a field hockey clinic, probably right after the mother got it into her son’s head that he is really a she. 

The article goes on to show four photos of the young activist, two of Rebekah playing field hockey and the other two at political rallies for LGBTQ rights, which I am sure Rebekah went to completely out of her own volition and not out of the debaucherous desires of the mother to seem special through their child. 

This story doesn’t highlight much about the conversation surrounding trans athletes, but speaks more to how the parents of these “trans children” are grooming them into making life-changing decisions they barely have awareness about, all for the sake of gaining socio-political clout.

Right now, it may be bad parents making this decision for their children, but who’s to say it’s only a matter of time before your children’s teacher can make this decision for them without your consent and knowledge. 

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