500 Federally Funded American Scientists Under Investigation

Last Thursday, Washington Times reported that the National Institute of Health has revealed to a Senate committee that over 500 federally funded American scientists are under investigation for being compromised by China and other foreign powers. This should not surprise anyone, especially knowing how the traitors running our nation have always sold out to foreign powers and special interests. To make matters worse, the Biden Administration’s lax approach toward China will only continue to enable Chinese nationals and others to infiltrate and steal our scientific innovations.

Much of American “brain power” is composed of foreigners who come here to learn. As Washington Times reported, “73% of graduate engineering students are foreign-born, alongside 28% of science and engineering faculty and half of the postdoctoral workers doing much of America’s scientific research.” Many of these students come here via government-sponsored talent recruitment programs, which is precisely how hostile nations exploit and infiltrate our education system. There is clearly a serious national security risk. Imagine reading that China had the same statistics above, while dealing with Americans infiltrating and stealing their scientific innovations; any person with an IQ above 50 would instantly realize what the solution is.

We here at New Frontier are Third Positionists. We believe that our citizens should be the most educated and capable, and that the majority of our brain power should be home grown, not imported from other parts of the world—especially not from nations who we are not so friendly with. To solve this issue, we would enact polices that would eliminate these kinds of security risks, all while empowering our citizens to be able to fulfill the demand we need for higher education. Thus, we would stop relying on and importing the brightest minds from around the world, and start creating the brightest minds right here at home.