Aliens?…Maybe Not

We’ve heard quite a lot about UFOs in the media for the past few years: from the resurrection of Bob Lazar, and Navy pilots’ videos released during the Trump administration, to Ron Watkins’ upcoming website—AlienLeaks, and the recent appearance of Obama on the Late Late show describing mysterious aerial phenomenon, theories about UFOs and aliens are becoming more and more mainstream

“What is true – and I’m actually being serious here – is that there’s footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are,” Barack Obama told The Late Late Show on May 17. “We can’t explain how they move, their trajectory, they did not have an easily explainable pattern.”

Doesn’t this look like a flying saucer making some aerial maneuvers that go beyond our known technological ability?

Well, sorry guys, this is exactly the kind of image that you get when you use a FLIR camera. Click here to see a man filming a fighter plane switch back and forth between normal resolution and infrared; it’s basically like watching a normal plane turn into the same mysterious UFO.

But how does it perform those amazing aerial maneuvers? Actually this is a limitation of the FLIR cameras mounted on the jets. In order to track objects the camera has to spin, and in doing so it affects “the camera flare on the FLIR.”

Click here for further explanation.

But aren’t there other videos of objects moving at amazing speeds? If someone is turning and circling something (like a plane turning to get a better look at an unidentified object), from their perspective the objects in the background will move very quickly. On video, this will make it look like the objects are moving very quickly. Click here to see an explanation of the parallax effect.

It seems that these incidents may have been covered up because they are embarrassing. They show pilots thinking they are seeing UFOs, when they are only seeing optical illusions. However, “thanks to a bizarro little line in last year’s coronavirus relief bill, the director of national intelligence and the secretary of defense are ordered to generate a report on everything the government knows about UAPs [new term for UFOs].” (Source here).

It would be impossible for US intelligence not to know that these cameras produce these visual effects. Why then don’t they give this information as they are presenting these videos to the public? Without the knowledge of these camera effects, the shape and movement of the image on the screen will convince many people of previously unknown advanced military or even alien technology. 

It’s impossible for us to know why they would want to mislead us. I have two guesses though: (1) create public support for advanced military R&D; (2) discredit other “conspiracy theories” by association, similar to what the flat earth movement did to earlier conspiracy movements.