Ashli Babbitt’s Husband Sues Capitol Hill PD

At the January 6th protests, an Air Force veteran and Trump supporter by the name of Ashli Babbitt, was shot by an unknown member of the Capitol Hill Police Department. Since then, the Department of Justice has closed the case, ruling in favor of the unknown officer

Ashli’s husband, Aron Babbitt, is now suing the Capitol Hill PD for the name of that officer, the video recordings of the shooting, and all witness statements. Mr. Babbitt has filed a Freedom of Information request previously, but the department seemed to blatantly ignore the request by not responding to it. Babbitt’s family has also filed a separate lawsuit in which they request $10 million, at the very least, in damages. 

The mainstream media has long since decried the events of Jan 6th as an “insurrection to overturn democracy”; however, they themselves will demonize any attempt to find out the truth, claiming that the 2020 election is the “most secure in the history of our nation.”

We here at New Frontier wish the Babbitt family luck in their endeavor, and may the truth come out.