Biden “Drops By” into Mossad Meeting

According to National File, Joe Biden just happened to “drop by” into a meeting between the National Security Council and Chief of the Israeli Mossad, Yossi Cohen. Anyone who believes this meeting was truly impromptu is being na├»ve; it is no secret that it’s in Israel’s best interest to keep America invested in regime-change wars in the Middle East, especially putting pressure on Iran, which were certainly some of the “key issues” that were discussed in regards to the region.

Ever since the Biden Administration has taken power, tensions with Iran have increased, and our relationship has furthered deteriorated; Israel is the last country we need to visit with our president to discuss issues relating to the Middle East. Moreover, Israel’s interests completely conflict with our actual national interests, and not only negatively affects American soldiers, but also every American taxpayer. Yet Israel has this uncanny ability to always find its way to get into the ears of our presidents, convincing them to do virtually anything they want, seemingly without any resistance whatsoever.

So as the MSM claims that this meeting was “unplanned,” we can be sure that the complete opposite is true.