Biden’s Homeland Security: Protecting and Enabling Illegal Aliens

One of the Biden Administration’s new approach to “dealing” with illegal immigration is to ensure that illegal aliens will have the right not get arrested on the spot in court federal, state, or local court houses, as they stand accused of breaking our immigration laws. ICE agents will no longer be authorized to arrest illegal aliens during such procedures as they were under the Trump Administration, unless under specific circumstances such as cases involving national security or if the person poses a threat to public safety.

The logic against the former Trump policy, according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, is that such practices discourage people from attending court hearings and cooperating with law enforcement, essentially keeping these “immigrants” (as he refers them) in the shadows. Mayorkas said the goal of this policy is to establish a “fair administration of justice” with immigration enforcement.

Well Mr. Mayorkas, it is totally unfair that the American taxpayer is already burdened with paying for the legal representation of illegal aliens who shouldn’t be here in the first place, but we understand we have to give them some due process, since we are a nation of law and order. However, it is a waste of our time and financial resources to give illegals any further representation than necessary when their mere presence in our country is proof of their guilt; arresting such individuals on the spot is the proper thing to do as it will expedite the process and save taxpayers money.

As per the argument of not cooperating with the authorities, illegal aliens do not just walk into courts seeking to defend themselves for being here illegally, nor do they walk around looking to talk to authorities; in fact, they do everything they can do avoid them until they are discovered and are forced to face time in court. Moreover, globalist politicians entice illegal immigration with policies that give illegals so many protections and benefits for breaking our laws, and then enact policies that would effectively deter and/or eliminate it—sanctuary cities are just one example of this treachery. They have no reason to come out of the shadows, especially when we have traitors helping them.

Under a Third Position government, we would take illegal immigration very seriously, to the point no one would even consider crossing our borders illegally. This would mostly be accomplished by eliminating all policies that would entice anyone to come here illegally, and furthered supported by strengthening our borders militarily and implementing a zero-excuse, zero-tolerance policy. If a human being steps into our country illegally, the only rights they will have are to be humanely apprehended and immediately deported back to their place of origin. But such a scenario would happen less than people would think, because just by simply removing all globalist-like policies that entice people to invade our nation, would for the most part, end the massive wave of illegal immigration we are dealing with today.