Big Capitalists Don’t Care About Their Workers

In a webinar, hosted by the Florida Chamber Safety Council, on April 15 designed to help business leaders learn how to identify mental issues their employees may have. Showing how these issues could be addressed in order to “produce positive outcomes for the individual and business alike.” The discussion was led by Dr. Aaron Weiner showing data about how “the pandemic has affected well-being in general, and at the workplace.” 

This news is no surprise to many of us who follow the Third Position (3P). We have known for a long time about the deaths of despair that have been slowly on the rise in the US, especially among White Americans. According to Dr. Weiner’s data: “Anti-anxiety prescriptions are up 40%, alcohol and cannabis sales are booming, and opioid overdoses—an epidemic long before COVID-19—are on the rise.” At the same time, there have been an increasing amount using “non-pharmacological vices,”  like pornography consumption and gambling. 

Dr. Weiner points out more than 1/5th of employers claim workers struggle with burnout. Half the employers blame the pandemic as the root cause, while 1/3 place the blame on politics—because you know it could not be business practices, nor the loss of income from inflation, nor the chance they could lose their job to outsourcing and automation. Alcohol and drug abuse plays a role as well: “About 75% of individuals that abuse substances are workers. These individuals are more likely to call in sick and file workers comp claims then other employees.“ Addiction costs employers $81 billion annually due to absenteeism, lost productivity, health care, theft, and accidents,” Weiner said.

In a 3P system, worker health would be of the utmost importance, for we understand that the workers are the real heart and soul of the nation. Decent wages, extended vacations, maternity leave, and shortening of the work week, are only some of the things that 3P systems have implemented in the past, and as time goes on and technology increases, worker care would increase without hindering productivity. 

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