BLM Activist Tay Anderson Accused of Sexually Assaulting 60+ Children

Tay Anderson, a director in the Denver School Board and Black Lives Matter activist, was recently accused of having raped more than 60 undocumented students, according to The article reported, last week a parent of one of the students “described an unidentified sexual predator within the school system.” According to The Post Millennial, Brooks Fleming told the committee that 62 individuals had sought help handling the unnamed perpetrator. The actions of Tay Anderson “ranged from unwanted touching to ‘violent acts of rape.'”

“Black Lives Matter 5280” responded to the situation, asking that one of the victims, who came forward to them anonymously, be treated with respect, and that Anderson no longer “share space with BLM 5280 physically or on any of [their] platforms.” Not long after, Anderson responded with a plea of not being guilty, and claims to be the victim of this situation. It surely does not help his case when taking into account that, according to The Colorado Herald, Anderson text messages his students inappropriately. “Text me, G 🙁 lol” and “let’s be friends,” as well as heart emoticons, are some examples of messages he sent. The Colorado Herald brings up a very valid question: “Why is a school board director texting minor children, asking them about their rooms, asking them to be friends?”

According to The Denver Post, Anderson said “he will step away from his Denver school board duties until the completion of an independent investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against him.” Assuming that Anderson truly is guilty, hopefully he will be stepping away from his Denver school board duties into an electric chair.