Floyd’s Death was Not Due to Racism

Last Sunday on CBS’s 60 Minutes, Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, was asked whether or not Floyd’s death was a result of racial bias or is a hate crime; he responded, “In regarding to whether there was any indication of racial bias or that this was a hate crime, I wouldn’t call it that because hate crimes are crimes where there’s an explicit motive and of bias. We don’t have any evidence that Derek Chauvin factored in George Floyd’s race as he did what he did.”

Of course no one in their right mind thinks that Floyd’s death was a result of racism, or that Derek Chauvin actually wanted to kill George Floyd, but the Media and other bad actors use unfortunate events like these to divide the American people by making everything a race issue.

As I stated on the Ronin Report last Thursday, I believe Chauvin certainly contributed to Floyd’s death in some way, but not to the extent people are making it. I also find the charges of murder to be extreme and think they were clearly some bones thrown to an insatiable mob that will not be satiated. Don’t take my word for it, there are plenty of videos out there of people saying the court’s verdicts were still not justice.

But there are mobs on both sides thanks to the divisive media: The left-wing mob claims that Chauvin, and police in general, are all racist thugs that are out killing Black people whenever they feel like it; the right-wing mob claiming there is no police problem, and it’s always the fault of those who “resist arrest,” and if only they followed directions they wouldn’t get killed. And just like that, the enemies of the People have created team BLM and team Back the Blue. However, there is a middle ground: It is clear that our police need to be reformed, not defunded, since there is certainly police brutality that occurs to all races, but these situations are not due to false narratives of racism or systematic oppression, rather, it is a combination of many factors; it’s not just black and white (no pun intended) like the MSM and others claim it is. The solution isn’t either or, it’s examining all things that contribute to this complex issue and taking them into account rather than ignoring them because they could be politically incorrect.

Our solution as Third Positionists is to retrain the police to deal with various kinds of situations that arise, arming them with the proper tools to deal with each challenge they face. Clearly, you wouldn’t send a SWAT team to unlock someone’s car door, likewise you shouldn’t send police who are not trained to deal with drug addicts to deal with nonviolent drug addicts. The excuse that such reforms would cost more money for this just goes to show the lack of concern our “leaders” have about our communities; we need to invest in the safety of both our police and our citizens; lives are at stake here, but of course the cheap government and their capitalist masters don’t care about any lives, let alone Black lives.

Another solution is to have the police forces reflect the demographics of the area they are policing. Although we reject the racist narrative that the MSM and BLM are promoting, we do believe that the majority of people would want to be policed by their own kind, which would eliminate any possibility of racism to begin with and help each community feel more connected to their police force. Moreover, we feel it is important to have the police and the local denizens get acquainted through interactive programs, so they can create a connection and reestablish that human touch to healing our neighborhoods.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head that would do much more than blaming it on “White Supremacy” and defunding the police, both which would make everyone’s towns/cities less safer and solve absolutely nothing.