Govt to Monitor Servicemembers’ Social Media for “Extremism”

“President” Biden’s handlers are looking into the social media of our military personal to check for “extremist beliefs.” This comes as Biden’s bosses want to root out “domestic extremism.” The new screening program they will be using is being designed by Bishop Garrison, who is the senior adviser to the Secretary of Defense and heads an extremism steering committee. This program will “continuously monitor military personnel for concerning behaviors.”

In the past, military personal had escaped such scrutiny thanks to the First Amendment, however, just like with big tech, the private sector is free from such limitations. Currently, there has not been a decision on which company will handle this operation, but Babel Street is a top contender. 

This would not be the first time Babel Street was used to bypass the First Amendment, they were one of the companies  “buying bulk cellular location data and selling it to federal national security agencies like the Secret Service,” and they were used to track individuals on Special Forces mission. 

Just like the algorithms on YouTube, “the pilot program will use keywords to identify potential extremists.” Even though they claim to have had some difficulties deciding what words to use for this list, they say they will “run experiments across the political spectrum.”

There has been very little push back from the establishment; most of the push back comes from Mike German, a former FBI agent and member of The Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security Program, says “Using keywords to monitor social media isn’t just an unnecessary privacy invasion, it is a flawed strategy that will ensure it is short-lived.” Before you get excited, his words only seems to show that he wants something that less likely to “produce a flood of false positives that will waste security resources and undermine morale, without identifying the real problem, which is the tolerance for those that openly engage in racist behavior and discrimination.” German also says, “it would be more constructive to simply improve the whistleblower system so that reports of racist misconduct are taken seriously.”

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One thought on “Govt to Monitor Servicemembers’ Social Media for “Extremism”

  • May 21, 2021 at 10:35 am

    Speaking just within this scope, Biden and his regime is just the medium.
    The real problem is our so called military “leaders”. The hapless bafoons like Millie and the rest of the joint chiefs. They are the ones who are allowing this to happen under their watch, with no protest what so ever. They were quick to condemn and demonize the Jan 6th 2021 through a memo, and I’m still waiting for their memo about BLM and Antifa violence in summer 2020.
    The hidden sinister endgame behind this could be… could be… because this is just me speculating… what other better tool out there to suppress and purge the opposing populace than the military?

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