Israel to ask US for Additional $1 Billion in Emergency Military Aid

On top of the 3.8 Billion dollars Israel receives annually from America, and the recent additional 735 million dollar weapons bill, which we reported on a few weeks ago, now Israel is asking for another one billion dollars to restock their Iron Dome missile system.

Israeli officials say the aid is needed to replenish the Iron Dome aerial defense system and to purchase munitions for the Israeli air force — mainly precision-guided bombs.

Sen. Lindsey Graham has the audacity to say this extra billion, on top for the 4 billion Israel has already received this year, will benefit the American people:

“There is going to be a request made by the Israelis to the Pentagon on Thursday for $1 billion in aid to replenish Iron Dome batteries. It will be a good investment for the American people. I will make sure in the Senate that they get the money,” Graham told Fox a day after meeting Netanyahu and Gantz in Israel.

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