Italians Refused to Load Arms Shipment Headed for Israel

An Italian port workers’ union (in the Italian city of Livorno) refused to load an arms shipment destined for Israel during the country’s military air strikes on Gaza. Union staff in Livorno would not load the shipment, claiming they had discovered it was destined for the Israeli port of Ashdod.

“The port of Livorno will not be an accomplice in the massacre of the Palestinian people,” union said in a statement.

Unfortunately, the port found non-union workers to load the shipment, and it was loaded later in the day.

The article goes on to state:

Israeli military unleashed a wave of heavy airstrikes, saying it was targeting Hamas militants and the homes of 9 commanders but the airstrikes have primarily been hitting apartment complexes, roads and other infrastructure. The mayor of Gaza said conditions are becoming much worse. Well over 200 Palestinians have been killed, at least 60 of them being children.

Remind me why we are supporting Israel again? Why are we even in the Middle East? We should only be giving aid to nations that align with our values. The MSM will tell us that Israel is our greatest ally, but are they really? Is our support of Israel making our nation stronger and safer? I think not.