Key American Energy Sources are Now Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

This past Sunday, a group of hackers staged a ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, leading to a dramatic increase in the already rising gas prices across the United States, and crippled gasoline distribution as well. According to GasBuddy, 7.6% of gas stations in Virginia and 5.8% in North Carolina, ran out of gasoline; a similar phenomenon is occurring in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina.

GasBuddy head analyst, Patrick De Haan, warns that panic buying may start to occur, prolonging the effects of the supply shortage. Gas demand in the five states mentioned above, that are being supplied by Colonial Pipeline, has increased a collective 40%. 

Authorities now believe that the hack was carried out by a Russian hacker group named DarkSide, a revelation which will most likely continue the downward trend of US-Russia relations. Russia denies involvement in the affair, now advocating for serious conversation about global information security.

With the already unsure nature of our nation’s future, this gas shortage may begin to quite literally fuel the trend of pessimism towards the direction of America. Not only are the policies of the Biden administration on the accumulation and usage of gas affecting our transportation cost and ability, now we must worry about the exploitable security of remaining gas sources in the United States. It seems the Biden administration must innovate a new gasoline alternative quickly, or step back on its aggressive anti-gasoline policy if it wishes to avoid turmoil inside of its nation.