New Frontier Channel Receives Strike from YouTube

We lost our first YouTube channel because we dared to have Cynthia McKinney on, which was followed very desperate hit piece by a Business Insider. Now as we try to rebuild under the New Frontier YT page, YouTube has already started to attack our small, but growing account. We received a ‘strike’ for our last Ronin Report for alleged “medical misinformation.”

What exactly was our “medical misinformation,” when we gave no medical advice outside of promoting working out and eating right? We did speak about the Fauci e-mail drop, which just solidified what everyone knew: He is a liar and corrupt POS, apparently that’s considered “medical misinformation” by YouTube.

Do not worry, because we are in good company, as we spoke about on the show, Twitter banned one of the pioneers of mRNA technology, Luigi Warren, for simply stating a fact about mRNA vaccines and protein shedding. Like with us, the technopoly decided, since the factual information stated by Warren, did not fit the cult-think of neo-Liberal propaganda, that it too was “medical misinformation.”