Portland Rioters Get Probation Instead of Jail Time

96 people were charged with crimes because of their participation in the assault on federal courthouse last summer. Of those cases, half of them have been dropped and most of the rest of them have been have been given community service and will walk away with clean records. Compare this to the witch hunt that happening right now against the January 6th protesters at the Capitol.

We are at a decisive moment in our nation’s history: The law is no longer handed out impartially or equally; there is no equality under the law, especially for people like us. The laws will be bent, even broken, because of our politics. The inequities we’ve seen in Portland are just the beginning.

We should not let this cow us into submission; on the contrary, NOW is the time to act because inaction is the reason our country is in the sorry state it’s in because we’ve done nothing. We’ve blamed others; we’ve waited on others for too long to right the wrongs we face today. No one is coming to save us; it’s up to us and us alone. This isn’t about the Left vs. the Right; it’s about fighting against a system that has enslaved us all.

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