San Jose Shooter Used Two Handguns

From the NY Post:

The San Jose gunman who slaughtered nine rail-yard coworkers before killing himself was heavily armed with two semi-automatic handguns and 11 loaded magazines, authorities said Thursday.

Samuel James Cassidy, 57, entered his workplace at the Valley Transportation Authority light-rail facility early Wednesday and started shooting, killing people in two separate buildings, Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith told NBC’s “Today” show.

“On him at the time were two semiautomatic handguns, and he also had 11 loaded magazines,” Smith said, adding it was unclear how many shots Cassidy fired during his morning rampage. “We still are processing the scene, but I know to be able to reload a semiautomatic handgun is very quick.”

Whenever there is a mass shooting where the gunman uses something scary-looking like an AR-15, we are told that we need to ban “weapons of war” or “military-styled weapons” because they can kill more people than other weapons could. But when shooters go on killing sprees and kill a lot of people with pistols, we don’t hear much of this narrative, as it refutes the narrative that semi-automatic rifles are the problem.

Give a Navy Seal two handguns and extra clips like Cassidy had, and he will be able to kill way more people than any civilian using a AR-15 with extra mags ever could. It should be obvious that it is not just the gun that makes a difference, it is also the shooter’s skill level, the environment, and their plan of execution (if they have one).

To further prove my point:

However, a VTA worker who witnessed the violence believes Cassidy did not fire indiscriminately.

“I do know that he had a specific agenda and was targeting certain people, he walked by people, let other people live as he gunned down other people,” Kirk Bertolet, a light rail signal maintainer who has worked for the VTA for 12 years, told KGO.

This shows that Cassidy could have actually killed more people if he wanted to, causing a higher death toll. And let’s not forget: One of America’s worst mass shootings was the Virginia Tech Shooting, where gunman Seung-Hui Cho killed 33 people using only two handguns. This number was only later surpassed by the following two worse shootings in American history: the Pulse Night Club Shooting (49 killed), and the Las Vegas Shooting (58 killed), both which were perpetrated with semi-automatic rifles.

However, the truth is, most mass shootings and gun-related crimes in America are not committed with “weapons of war” or “assault rifles,” rather, they are committed with handguns. In fact, handguns are used in about nine times as many murders and eight times as many nonfatal violent crimes than rifles, shotguns and other firearms combined. (Check the stats here)

But like I said in my previous articles on this developing story, the underlying problem is the psychological factors that would drive a human being crazy enough to kill people in the first place, regardless of what their weapons of choice are.

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