Ted Cruz: Acting Press Secretary for Israel

Anyone who knows me, knows I am very adamant about teaching Americans about the real relationship we have with our supposed greatest ally, Israel. It is no question that Israel has a stranglehold on all of our politicians, with the exception of a few who they use to justify their claims of “antisemitism” in our government, while virtually controlling it, especially our foreign policy.

In a recent article from Breitbart titled Ted Cruz: Ilhan Omar Is ‘Acting as Press Secretary for Hamas,’ Ted Cruz, a US senator, who will not stand with anyone who doesn’t stand with Israel, tweeted:

The irony of it is that Cruz, and virtually all politicians in office, again, with the exception of a handful, are constantly acting as press secretaries for Israel, no matter what they do to another country, or even our own for that matter.

Now, I am no fan of Ilhan Omar, nor anyone else in any office, however, her tweet is a humanitarian response to Israel’s recent retaliation against Hamas, which led to the deaths of 20 the Palestinians, nine of which were children. Israel’s “responses” are always disproportional in nature, and seem to always lead to the loss of civilian life no matter their scope. Have you heard of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge? Probably not. Go check out the losses on each side to see what I mean. When 75% of your enemy’s casualties are civilian, you certainly don’t care about human life.

Keep in mind Israel has been ethnically cleansing the Palestinians for decades, facing no consequences while the world looks on. In fact, people like Ted Cruz defend Israel’s genocidal behavior, and continue to pledge their allegiance, despite her horrific track record of human rights violations and even war crimes against the United States. Yet, most Americans don’t even know that the Israelis attacked and killed our sailors, shooting up life rafts during their attack (a war crime) on the USS Liberty. This is just one example of their crimes against us.

So the real question is, why are our politicians obsessed with a tiny country in the Middle East that is the size of New Jersey, to the point that if you do not stand with Israel, they consider you un-American? Who gives a damn about Israel, or any other nation in the region, when we have our own problems at home? The only reason why I even comment on the Israel/Palestine conflict is because Israel is not our ally at all; she is not one in any official capacity, nor does she act like an ally towards us. On top of that, Israel parasites off us to fund her expansion and genocidal tendencies in the region, which I want nothing to do with. Let the Middle Easterners fight their own wars; we Americans are sick and tired of paying for and dying in them.

Remember what George Washington said in his farewell address: “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world.” Yet because of cuckolds and traitors like Ted Cruz, our nation is stuck in this parasitical, permanent “alliance” with Israel that has done nothing but harm America.

It is time to cut off all such alliances and truly put America first.