The Lutheran Church Approves of Trans Pastors

Another “victory” for the LGBTQ community after Reverend Morgan Rohrer, the first trans person to be a pastor in the Lutheran Church, became the first trans person in history to become a bishop of a Lutheran church synod, making the individual in charge of 200 congregations across California and Nevada. This now makes the Lutheran Church one of two Christian denominations to accept transgender people into the clergy, the other being the Episcopal Church. 

The newly elected bishop describes the experience of hosting Church gatherings from her living rooms and letting people see her unconventional family structure, saying, “for some people who’ve never seen a family like mine—I’m married to a woman, and I have two Black children—for people to see my family, it’s really healing for some LGBTQ+ families.”

More and more, transgender ideology has seeped through our culture, now no longer on the outskirts of what we would like to consider our institutions upholding traditional values and morality. If nothing is done about this in a meaningful way, it is only a matter of time before you begin to see this in your community, and in places where you would never dream of seeing this behavior become normalized.