Train Derailments and Infrastructure Report Card

This month, in less than two weeks, the US has seen three trains derailed, two of which required a HAZMAT response, happening less the 24 hours apart. The latest two trains went over on Saturday and Sunday. The one in Minnesota was carrying hydraulic acid, and the one in Iowa was carrying ammonia nitrite and other ingredients used in fertilizer; thankfully, no one was hurt at any of these accidents. Train derailments and accidents are all too common in the US, with then  783 incidences happening between 2013 and 2020. 

The 2021National Infrastructure Report Card is a “C-” (which is up from earlier years), with rails surprisingly getting a B despite our issues. It is one of our goals here at New Frontier to keep pushing for infrastructure improvement. In a nation as resource-rich as our own there is no excuse for the grade to be nothing less than an “A+” across the board.