Vaccinated Privilege

The CDC announced this past Thursday that “fully vaccinated” Americans no longer need to wear masks, whether it be indoors or outdoors. This massive change in policy is the first major let-up to mask guidelines since their implementation over a year ago. While this change is certainly a relief for many, there remains mask mandates in healthcare areas, as well as airports, public and private transportation hubs. The new federal mask mandate will extend till September 13th.  Other than that, the Federally mandated mask requirement are still in place for certain settings; the CDC specified that state, local, business, and tribal regulations may still be in place in their respective areas.

So why the switch? The CDC cited higher vaccine rates and lower recorded cases, with a 23% decrease in cases from last Sunday, and a 12% decrease in seven-day average hospital admissions, with reported cases consistently decreasing by the day. However, like the debate around climate change, the issue of vaccines has become highly political, with many seeing this less as purely a science-led discussion and more of a political one.

We’ve seen a willingness by the elites to take advantage of this crisis, and while there is certainly a genuine discussion to be had about vaccines, in practice it’s become one more pillar of a growing social credit system in the United States. The consolidation of big business over defaulting small businesses in the wake of the pandemic, coupled with the power grab of politicians using COVID to impress social control, is a two-prong pincher movement. International corporations get even greater control, while social conformity and vaccine privilege delegitimize any dissent against elites who would otherwise be seen as the hated politicians they are. The vaccinated Americans allowed greater freedom is less so about actual science and more about this sentiment: “If you obey and follow us, you get privileges.” Its been a long time in the making now, and hopefully we see a change to our draconian status quo.