Will You Take the Vaccine For a Lottery Ticket?

Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine, has announced the creation of a new incentive to get the state’s youth to take the vaccine. Each week for five weeks, the state will be pulling names from a raffle to see who will win $1 million of government sponsored money. This absurd amount of money to entice people to get vaccinated is available to people aged 18 and older. 

For those between the 12-17 age bracket, DeWine plans a separate raffle for them; the state will select someone each week for that same five week period to receive a full ride scholarship to any state university in Ohio, covering tuition, room, board, and textbooks. 

Other states have offered similar incentives, but not to this absurd length. West Virginia governor, Jim Justice, gave $100 saving bonds to people in the 16-35 for getting vaccinated, and New York City is offering free tickets to the NYC Aquarium, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and the Bronx Zoo to vaccinated people. This really has to make one ask themselves, why is the government so desperate for people to be vaccinated to the point of bribing them? Perhaps to make as many people take the vaccine without using state force. State force that they desperately wish to utilize and the people have been fearing its usage since the pandemic.