Wrong Kind of Minority for POC Privilege

In this era of racial-quota hiring, it seems Asians are constantly being left out. First, it was Harvard, now the NFL is telling them they are the wrong kind of ‘minority.’

Eugene Chung, who worked as an assistant coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, told the Boston Globe last week that an interviewer for an NFL job told him that he was “really not a minority,” before saying he wasn’t “the right minority we’re looking for.”


This, of course, highlights the absurdity of racial-quota hiring. Instead of merit deciding, NFL teams, business companies, colleges, and virtually every other institution that has to hire people, are simply checking boxes to please “Woke” pressure. And it’s only certain boxes that matter: being non-White is simply not enough; if you’re a non-White person without a sexy victim-complex you might as well be labeled “White.” More Asians are learning this, as they continue to be discriminated against for clearly not a part of the POC victim club.

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