November 30, 2023

Nietzsche’s Rules for Aristocratic Radicals

“The maintenance of the military state is the last means of all of acquiring or maintaining the great tradition with regard to the supreme type of man, the strong type. And all concepts that perpetuate enmity and difference in rank between states (e.g., nationalism, protective tariffs) may appear sanctioned in this light.”

Characterization of the Masses:

1) as faded copies of great men on poor paper and printed with wornout plates; 

2) as resistance to the great; 

3) as a tool of the great. 

“With regard to everything else, they can go to the devil.”

Paths to Power:

1) the introduction of a new virtue under the name of an old one, 

2) the art of slandering what stands in one’s way, 

3) the exploitation of advantages and accidents for one’s glorification, 

4) the turning of one’s followers into fanatics by means of sacrifice and separation, 

5) and the use of grand symbolism.

Most Favorable Inhibitions and Remedies of Modernity:

1) universal military service with real wars in which the time for joking is past; 

2) national bigotry (simplifies, concentrates); 

3) improved nutrition (meat); 

4) increasing cleanliness and healthfulness of domiciles;

5) hegemony of physiology over theology, moralism, economics, and politics; 

6) military severity in the demand for and handling of one’s “obligations ” (one does not praise any more).

Quotes and lists directly sourced from:
– The Use and Abuse of History for Life
– The Will to Power