November 29, 2023

No Political Solution?

When I tell people we need to get politically active, I usually get push back from many of the more black-pilled dissidents who have seen groups come and go, “leaders” and “influencers” turn out to be complete degenerates and/or frauds, and matters only getting much worse each year, despite all hope. Constantly being let down like this would naturally cause anyone to become demoralized and no longer believe in any sort of political solution: I know because I was there. With that being said, I of course still agree that there is no political solution within this current system as it stands, but the only way we can solve our political problems are with a political strategies, engaging in practical politics and using the current system to amplify our voices.

So, when we at New Frontier speak of a political solution, we mean running for office, not with the sole goal of winning—it would take things to get much worse for us to win anytime soon—but rather, to have our campaigns act as advertisements for our political platform, showing the People that there is another system that can actually solve their problems, which our current is not only unable to do, but is designed not to. Only after they are aware of such a system, can they be able to support our cause and help bring real political change to our country. But if they don’t know that such a system exists, or is even possible, they cannot do so; this is why we, and every abled-bodied person aware of the situation, must run for office.

Those who believe that we only need to keep hammering the truth on social media, and continue to do IRL activism—protesting, flyering, and marching—until some arbitrary number of people “wake up,” and things just magically fix themselves, are signing their own death warrant. In the case of the former, we can easily be censored and banned; we’ve seen Big Tech literally ban the President of the United States because they felt like it. Even using alternative platforms like Gab are not enough, as we are preaching to the choir and not converting new people to our cause. Protesting, flyering, and marching in the streets will certainly get attention, and may even shift narratives in our favor, but will these actions lead to a direct change in power? No. They never have, and they never will.

Now, let us examine our political strategy of ballot saturation. Can they ban us from the ballot, like they could ban us from a social media platform? No. Can our enemies resist the temptation of reporting on our campaigns, giving us the attention we need when we make ourselves known? No. Can it lead to political change if we win? Yes. But of course this is easier said than done; even if one of us miraculously did get in, we could easily be isolated and rendered powerless. However, if thousands ran and several got in, it would be a different story. This would also show the People that they are not alone, and encourage more and more normal folks to challenge the Beast (the system), by taking on our treacherous politicians.

And I know the counterarguments against this strategy: “It’s all rigged!” “They will never allow it!” “You won’t change anything!” so on and so forth. But the fact is, every time the enemy cheats and does something illegal, they show the People, more and more, how badly this beast needs to be slain. Moreover, they can’t rig everything at every level, nor can they prevent everyone from getting in; this is why we have had real patriots slide into the cracks here and there, only to get eliminated after they directly challenged the Beast, again showing the People its true nature. It is only a matter of time until this system is overthrown by a political revolution, unless you believe that our enemies will be in power forever. Such a belief goes against all logic, known history, and even the fundamental nature of this realty, since nothing lasts forever.

Man is a political being; thus, all of his solutions are political in nature: a revolution is political; dissent is political; protesting is political; debate is political; posting on social media is political; violence is political; even martyrdom is political. But let me tell you what is not political: hoping, coping, appealing to fantasies, praying, and nonaction.

Some have become so demoralized that they will appeal to suicidal ideologies such as accelerationism, or completely remove all responsibility to take any action, by putting it all on God. The former, for example, is not a political solution, but rather a fantasy and coping mechanism, whereby people who know what is going on give themselves the excuse to do nothing. Likewise, the religious type who believes in the “End Times” or “Rapture,” that does nothing but send telepathic messages (prayers) to God—a god who apparently has a master plan—thinking their prayers are going to alter this plan, or anything around them for that matter, without doing good works, is fantasizing and coping no differently. In both cases, such people believe the Beast will just collapse upon its own weight if they wait long enough. While this is partially true, what system have these types helped create to fill the power vacuum when such a collapse occurs? None of course, because that would actually take more than just complaining and praying.

I was speaking to my friend who has been in our cause for years, and I asked him if we are even close to the number of aware people that we’d need in order to shift things in our favor, and he said: “Hell no!” I thought we were much closer, thinking perhaps we had 10s of millions just in America, but even so, this would be just a mere drop in a giant ocean—an ocean consisting of billions of unaware human beings. The truth is, we still have much more educating and waking up to do, because most of the People are still asleep, distracted by their comforts, and worst of all, willing to destroy those of us trying to free them from the Beast.

In the end, we must do everything we can, implementing all political strategies mentioned, including running for office. All of these methods combined, act as force multipliers that will help us enlighten the People, giving us a better chance at seizing power one day with their support.

And to the naysayers who still refuse to understand this, I ask you, what good is to endlessly educate the masses about how bad our government is, yet never actually attempt to replace it? It would be absolutely foolish not to at least try to win something, whether it is a Congressional seat or a local seat in your city, for any seat is better than no seat. But to do nothing, as many people advocate, is like standing there as your enemy rapes someone you love, hoping God will strike them down as you cry out, “Please Lord, stop them!” rather than grabbing a weapon and killing the rapist yourself.