December 1, 2022

Open Letter to Republican Patriots

Wednesday, January 6th is a day that the establishment will never forget. For on this day the politicians who sit at the top of Washington, looking down smugly at those that are caught in the seemingly endless cycle of voting the same representatives which brings about little change, felt for the first time legitimate fear towards the masses.

The Republican party exposed itself as a party led by spineless representatives who would not hesitate to throw its most ardent supporters to the wolves. The final year of the Trump presidency was the year that the American right was forced to finally realize that the Republican party is not their ally, and that the elected officials that make up that party will always choose to tow the establishment line.

Between blocking coronavirus aid, supposedly conservative judges throwing court cases out, (some cases not even being considered to begin with) and the continued clear bias against right leaning individuals on social media platforms, it was continuously asked “When will the right realize that Republicans and Democrats go hand in hand?”

It seems we found the answer when Republican politicians not only agreed with their left leaning counterparts that the protestor should be shot, but that they should be labelled terrorists and insurrectionists for attempting a coup.

I would advise those that are disenfranchised with the status quo to remember those that not only abandoned you, but denounced you as well.

These are the conservative mouth pieces that told you to turn the other cheek and look the other way when you have been wronged by the establishment.

These are the ones that told you to just sit and do nothing, so as to allow God to solve all your problems, when in reality those that stand idly by gain nothing…

I will not denounce the events that took place at the capitol, because for too long you have been demonized into the media’s boogeyman; You were assaulted, ridiculed and ostracized by those who now call for peace when you fight back…

One thought on “Open Letter to Republican Patriots

  1. Back in Nov 2017 I left the trump train, and Syria was the final nail for me. I didn’t vote for Trump or Biden. Let there be NO doubt that the zionist right is meeting the non Zionist right. Likewise the left is going to have this battle in a couple months as well. I’ll be curious to know who this movement attracts more from.

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