November 30, 2022

Political Platform

Health, Culture, and Welfare

Create Youth Programs designed to encourage personal responsibility, civic vigilance, public virtue

– Gun education classes will be made available to teenagers for the purpose of proper use and safety.

– Rejuvenate the boy-scouts and girl-scouts by making them a state-owned/nationalized entity, intended to encourage civic responsibility and survival skills in nature.

Launch a Care-based Campaign based on a “Humanity First” approach

– Forgive student debt incurred from post-secondary education.

– Implement a national education program designed to encourage a fair, meritocratic approach that includes paid college for all of the citizenry.

– Subsidize and encourage students who take up trades to place a greater emphasis on blue-collar work.

– Create a two-tier healthcare, full-coverage system, where universal health care would be offered while the option for private healthcare providers remains.

– Guarantee the protection of Social Security for the elderly.

Enact a self-detriment tax/added tax on vice-industry products

– Ensure revenue from taxes on vice-related goods and services will be dedicated to the education system and rehabilitation centers.

– Encourage healthy lifestyles.

– Create more virtuous conditions for the citizenry.


Offer programs that subsidize the development of homesteads and encourage a more rural, subsistence based, agrarian lifestyle

– Offer state-funded classes on agricultural and ecological education including but not limited to hydroponics, polyculture, city farming, botany, etc.

– Develop state-localized farming co-operatives to provide a more subsistence-oriented approach to large-scale agriculture.

– Offer tax incentives for those who wish to participate in the agricultural sector.

Develop alternative methods of transportation with a heavy emphasis on improved and reliable public transport

– Greater access to mass/long range transit to those of lower socioeconomic means with the goal of free transport. Trains (Bullet, Maglev, Vactrains), Trolleys, Electric/Natural gas buses.

– Increased access to bikeways and pedestrian pathways (Improved infrastructure catered to human powered transport).

Develop alternative energy solutions

– Increased use of renewables, including but not limited to solar, wind and geothermal.

– Increased R&D into new and current forms of nuclear energy, including Fusion and Thorium based reactors.

Safeguard the conservation of our natural resources and spearhead innovative practices towards a greener world

– An emphasis on green spaces that focus on the symbiosis between the man-made and natural world.

– Encourage environmentally-conscious practices in urban living, design, and architecture (ecological landscaping, carbon neutral buildings, greenways, pollinator pathways, invasive plant management).

– Restoration of forests and reclamation of areas of urban decay.

– Increased protection/conservation of our National Parks, Forests, and other Natural/Historic sites.

Restore the pioneer spirit by blazing a new frontier

– Establish a program that advances the role of NASA and the Space Force to achieve the Manifest Destiny of the United States by seeking to refine and develop resources in outer-space.

– Establish a program that advances the role of the Coast Guard and Navy to achieve the Manifest Destiny of the United States by exploring the ocean and mapping out the seafloor.

Economic Justice

Replace the Federal Reserve with a National Bank controlled by the Treasury

– Establish branches for the National Bank in every state, that would be capable of granting loans which could be paid back in taxes from earnings.

– No money shall be paid back with interest.

Establish a more Progressive Income and Corporate tax rate along with a Universal Basic Income, which would take the form of a stipend or dividend that is paid out to American citizens

– Combat the coming automation of the market.

– Increase consumption in the market.

– Increase production in Industry.

Establish tariffs on foreign imports while granting subsidies to American industries to help them reach a point of maturity that allows for a competitive edge in trade

– Combat trade deficits.

– Increase total productive forces.

Create sovereign wealth funds/state-owned trusts/government linked corporations that have a vested interest in refining and developing natural resources and the national economy

– Boosts national productivity.

– Gives the state more control over the economy.

– Give the state a source of wealth to distribute to the citizenry.

Create a National Labor Program that would provide employment to those out of work

– Create a National Workfare System that will help welfare recipients transition into the National Labor Program.

– Achieve maximal employment.

Launch a Worker’s Rights Campaign, based on achieving the following

– State-encouraged luxuries (resorts, exotic locations, national parks, etc.)

– State-subsidized or company-funded vacations.

– Workers landmarks, discount for years of service/meritorious action to the state.

– Establish a ‘paternal leave’ or state-paid leave for either parent (not to exceed 4 months).

Establish large-scale infrastructure projects that will rebuild and improve upon towns and cities in America, turning them into great public works

– Reevaluate stance on current acceptable building standards to encourage greater structural integrity and durability.

– Reinvest in public transportation.

– Encourage architectural cohesion.

– Repair existing infrastructure, ports, waterways, bridges etc.

– Gradually decrease funding for low-income housing projects in suburban and rural areas to allow for more autonomous and organic growth in local communities.

Law and Order

Encourage a policy of “America First” that will actually put the people before the plutocrats

– Lobbying organizations & the practice of lobbying politicians will be outlawed.

– Corporate PACS will be outlawed.

– Foreign aid will be limited to countries that share our values.

– Full withdrawal of troops from Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan

Encourage a dynamic where private entities are held to a greater degree of public accountability

– Government officials, individual citizens, or businesses will be able to sue media outlets through a state-provided court via libel laws.

– Classify ‘Big Tech’ Social Media platforms as a public utility that will be brought under state-oversight and potential state-ownership.

– Classify ‘Big Pharma’ companies as a public utility that will be brought under greater state-oversight and potential state-ownership.

Reconcile the interests of private citizens and public law enforcement agencies through the following policies

– Full audits of all current law enforcement organizations.

– Reform the police and federal agencies to Include more rigorous standards on training and fitness as well as knowledge of state and federal law.

– Encourage the greater use of body cams and to encourage hiring strategies that target people within their respective areas as a means of achieving a more localized policing model.

– All adults purchasing a firearm will be required to have a background check and will be required to take a gun education class.

Grant the following basic, civil liberties

– Legalize the status of cannabis as a recreational substance.

– Legalize/Protect the legal status of first trimester abortions. After the first trimester, exceptions will only be allowed in the case of rape or medical emergencies.

Introduce the following reforms to the penitentiary system/institutional corrections facilities

– Turn prisons into working facilities that help and train inmates to be functional contributing citizens upon their release. Provide educational opportunities to inmates (k-12, college, trade schools).

– Offer transitional housing for reformed inmates made available while a newly released citizen seeks employment and housing.

– Impose the death penalty for crimes like treason, terrorism, mass murder, child molestation, etc.

Offer a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants that will consist of classes in education on American history and values; The path to citizenship will be granted to selected illegals who have contributed to the Nation during their stay

– Mandatory English second language classes.

– An oath of loyalty to The United States of America.

– Enforce heavy penalties upon companies that employ illegal immigrants with the possibility of imprisonment for the employer who is exploiting illegal labour.

– Limit social, medical, and welfare benefits only to legal citizens.

– Deport any illegal immigrants who have committed a crime on American soil.

– A moratorium will be placed on legal immigration to reexamine immigration policy.

– In case of marriage between an American citizen and non-citizen, the noncitizen does not become a citizen, but rather a ‘resident immigrant’.

– The children born from such a union would be considered to be citizens only after the non-citizen has completed their path to citizenship.

– Limit or eliminate work-visa grants while imposing higher taxes on companies that use work-visas.

10 thoughts on “Political Platform

  1. As I read through this the following thoughts came to mind: The future doesn’t have to be as bleak as the snowpacalypse that’s gripping where I am in Brooklyn right now. Like all of those outside working together to dig out of the white racist falling from the sky we don’t all agree on everything. But we do agree this weather sucks. Likewise our Zionist USSA system sucks. This platform is 1 million times better than what we got now, and even the parts I differ on are better than what we have currently. To everyone who worked hard to put this all together thank you. Your hard work shows, and resolve to repair America I walk in lock step with.

  2. So a little update, I sent the new platform to my lefty mother and she really liked it.
    Im going to take that as a good sign, hopefully this will really catch on.

    1. Thats really great! Third Position truly is about taking the best from both sides and trying to bridge the gap into something that can work for all of us. I hope you’re able to bring her in to some new ideas.

  3. Mostly wonderful points,
    but I can’t understand the need for legalized abortion(other than medical need), or marijuana for that matter? It adds nothing to life! (and if anything, takes life away)

    keep up the good work guys

    1. It’s more based on pragmatism of the current political situation. Abortion was certainly a highly contested issue that so many of us needed to compromise on the matter. Ultimately, we hope to shift the culture away from activities that are harmful to the greater society. At that point, legalized abortion will be so minuscule it won’t even matter.

  4. Ah, you were doing so good, up until you “supported” abortion, and non-medical marijuana, I understand it was compromise, and the idea is that Abortion would be so rare it could be illegalized without issue, but I still strongly disagree with it.

    1. Thank you for the reply, but I agree with Christopher.
      I support you guys, and I hope this does change when more people become aware, see the evil in it, and ask for it to be banned. (unless it has to do with rape et.)

  5. Gotta say, as someone who is (was? I dunno anymore) essentially a leftist this doesn’t sound bad. I have two hanguos.

    1. I don’t see any explicit mention of how LGBT folks would be treated, which tbh keeps me from being on board. I know what some of y’all think of people like me, and honestly only the left has offered even the appearance of sanctuary. While I despise identity politics, people like me aren’t going to be jumping at the opportunity to join a movement that will do gods knows with us. But I also don’t like being a pawn of a toothless, whiny mob.

    2. The environmental platform is a good starting point, but not strong enough. This is the issue that has warmed me on the authority question and I’d hoped to see something more bold. “Encouragement” of sustainable practices is market libertarian talk–I want to see more direct measures. Fossile fuel needs to be phased out yesterday, limited to special use. Suburbia is a blight. A return to rural lifestyle is great, and your platform helps nudge that. But in America for a start we need to end long commutes and nationalize the big polluters and/or heavily limit them (airlines, for instance).

    Anyway, I’ll keep paying attention. You have my attention.

    1. I think you’ll be surprised on our stance on number 1 and with number 2, our ecofuturist platform is really a starting point for more direct oversight over the environment in the future. If you would like to speak more with us, we have a telegram chat and discord group over at

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