November 30, 2023

Redirecting Our Energies

I’m not sure how far or what kind of support the folks trespassing into the capitol building believed they would get, nor do I know whether the allegations of murderous intent are true, but what is becoming more clear is that peaceful (and violent) protests are an ineffective means of getting most of our goals accomplished. They are an imitation of a strategy which has been successful for some left wing groups; i.e. protest publicly and get news coverage so that people hear your message. But this is done without any consideration as to what elements are necessary for this strategy to be successful, namely a sympathetic media and a sympathetic legal system. So the formula becomes: have a protest, get news coverage, but instead of hearing your message, the public only hears what horrible people you are and how some of you have been sent to jail (or worse). So in light of this I’ve decided to give my thoughts on what are and what are not 1) effective and 2) desirable goals for our movement to pursue.

Dissemination of information 

One cannot underestimate the power that can be gained by controlling information. Elected representatives cannot make proper informed decisions if the media and governmental sources of information (such as the CIA) are controlled. On the contrary, they can easily be steered into the muck to spin their wheels about unimportant matters, into battle to fight wars they don’t belong in, or even over a cliff, voting to bring about their own demise—all the while believing that they are doing the right thing.

The information sought and distributed within a populist movement should be real, inspiring and pertinent. Although human psychology should be accounted for, the information must be more closely in sync with reality than other movements, because populism is a movement of the people’s will. If reality is distorted, the people will make the wrong decisions and pursue the wrong goals. Also, our dissemination of information shouldn’t just be retakes on mainstream news. This keeps the power of focus out of our hands. 

Unfortunately, the populist movement is likely to be targeted by censors, and this will always be true. If the governors of the people were doing the people’s will, there would be no need for a populist movement. So we’re forced to always present information in several locations so that we have a place to retreat to. However, this kind of retreating strategy is not sustainable, and must be followed by a platform on which we can make a final stand. This means a platform which isn’t controlled by corporate media. 

We should also make connections with and seek to educate people in the mainstream media. We have the power of truth on our side and can certainly make a few converts.

The Legal System 

This is the area in which the most significant changes affecting the culture can be made. The legal system creates the framework in which society operates. Probably the most important thing to do is to 1) put people into office, and 2) become aware of which politicians in office are already sympathetic to our cause and give them support. Therefore knowledge of the political system and how to run a campaign is invaluable. So is finding people willing to put their time into fundraising, campaigning, and running.

A second pursuit is direct democracy—getting signatures to put initiatives on the ballot. This also requires its own skill set, but it is a more direct route to legislation which politicians might be reluctant to support.

Another area we could focus on is the courts. There might be lawsuits which could stifle the decline of society. For example, if there have been lawsuits against the tobacco industry, why not pornography or processed food? Finding lawyers willing to represent our cause pro bono could bring tremendous momentum to our movement.


Money is probably the biggest motivator of people in this age, so when you talk about entities having the power to create money, there’s a lot of power being granted. In fact, one can say a new ruling class has emerged in the US and the world. It is a despicable system because the rulers are not known by the people, cannot have a relationship with them, and therefore should not represent them. For this reason, one of the most important goals of the populist movement should be towards removing the powers of money creation from private institutions. 

This will be no easy task precisely because of the power given by this ability. Any steps taken towards this end, including propaganda, lobbying, organizing, or legal measures are likely to face a large amount of opposition. However these steps are necessary and impossible to overlook. The size of the problem cannot be overstated, and accomplishing this goal may require creating entire alternate economies over long periods of time.

However at this point, it’s even a worry for dissidents to have their bank accounts frozen, and for this reason we should make it a goal to operate with money and accounts that are the most difficult to freeze—be that crypto-currency or cash or something else altogether. 


As we well know, there are strange, unsympathetic, and downright hostile forces at work in education. Efforts in education might not immediately show results in society, but are nonetheless crucial. Putting together academic material to gain the sympathies of some professors might be profitable, as well as offering classes in Third Positionism, since classes with sympathetic views on 3P are generally not available..

In earlier education what is more crucial are the policies of third position: training in trades, practical education, etc. There is also the need for pushback against the strange and obviously subversive issues being pushed in schools. All this can brought up and campaigned for in PTA meetings. We can also try to petition school officials and/or create alternative education methods.

Networking in Person 

One often cited benefit of public protests is the opportunity to meet people and network. However, this can easily be replicated by festivals, parties, and other get-togethers. This is actually funner than having a protest and allows for some creativity.

Unification of Efforts 

These things should not be done on an individual basis, but rather through a unification of effort. We need to publicize our own efforts and provide good avenues for people to become involved. Our political and legal efforts should be in harmony with our long term goals. 

The political arena is an area where people often feel lost. We’ve been promised a democracy in which “we the people” can pilot our own ship, but we watch on as society declines. Participating in our populist movement can restore in people a feeling of connection to greater society by giving a real-life outlet to affect the world.

One thought on “Redirecting Our Energies

  1. This article was rich in both identifying obstacles, and solutions to implementing a 3P populist movement. While proper education, and adequate financing (which doesn’t have to surpass the enemies coffers persay,) is common sense I do wish the legal points were flushed out a little more.

    When you have a legal system like ours one would be hard pressed to deny Kai Murros when he says: “The party will act as the violent incarnation of the sense of justice of the people.” By no means does that mean a just organic outrage by useful idiots is appropriate, but rather tested leaders who implement a throughough overthrow of the foundation of laws that prohibit the free flow of individual finance, education, and association of a third posistion government without ties to foreign governments and monpolisitc companies (Twitter, Facebook, Google etc) is needed.

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