January 30, 2023

The Parasite Class Explained

I coined the phrase “Parasite Class” to replace the word “elite,” and every other word used to describe the people who control our world. Many blame different groups, but rarely put them all in the same class, since they have biases or hatred toward specific groups for their own reasons. But all members of these different groups practice the same behavior: parasitism.

The definition of parasite is:

n. An organism that lives and feeds on or in an organism of a different species and causes harm to its host.
n. One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.

In order for one to be considered part of the Parasite Class, they must obviously act like a parasite. Of course members of the Parasite Class can’t always act this way; in fact, they cover up much of their evil-doing with philanthropy. For example, a billionaire may build a children’s hospital here in the US or Israel, but then spend millions supporting the Anglo-Israeli war machine that kills millions of innocents and destroys entire nations across the world. This technique is similar to a mosquito “kindly” numbing the area where it is biting you, not because it doesn’t want you to feel pain, but so that it is not detected.

So who exactly is the Parasite Class? Throughout time it has changed, but today it is the following people from my observation:

  • A disproportionate number of Jewish billionaires pushing the Jewish Supremacist concept of “Tikkun Olam”—to fix the world in their image;
  • Old-money WASPs who benefit from the current status quo, even if it is detrimental to their own race and/or nation;
  • Black race-pimps who grift African-Americans by pushing victimhood narratives;
  • Middle-Eastern oil tycoons profiting off energy, which all of mankind needs (Saudis etc.);
  • East-Asian billionaires emulating Anglo-Judeo strategies;
  • African warlords enriching themselves, while keeping their nations in perpetual chaos;
  • Members of the Military Industrial Complex profiting off arms deals and war;
  • Members of Big Pharma profiting off sickness and disease;
  • Members of the Mainstream Media making a living selling lies to the People;
  • Virtually all politicians currently in office selling out their own countrymen by working for Parasite Class.

I could go on, but you get the picture: so long as they are in a position of power, enriching themselves at the expense of others, they are parasites.

Together, these types form an international clique of nationless parasites who benefit from their parasitism regardless of where they live, thanks to globalism and capitalism. Before globalism, the Parasite Class was limited to the confines of their nation’s or empire’s borders, but now they can parasitize off the entire world together, irrespective of who is running the show at this time. They may live in a specific nation, but that doesn’t mean they are loyal to that nation: the nation they reside in is simply their feeding ground. They have houses and villas in other countries they can escape to once they are done feeding, or when they need to flee some kind of scandal; they hide their ill-gotten wealth in offshore banks, in order to avoid paying their fair share of taxes; they will even kill their own countrymen if it means furthering their agenda, as we have seen with many declassified documents exposing operations which were essentially false flags.

Currently, Jewish Supremacy is the most dominate force right now, but this will not last forever; eventually, when Jewish power wanes and vanishes, some other power will take its place. When this happens, the rest of the Parasite Class will reorganize itself in the proper pecking order, as they will all essentially remain unaffected, so long as the People cannot detect them and/or are still willing to be fed upon. In other words, the Parasite Class’ “head” will always change with the natural transitions of power throughout time, but the newly formed international clique will operate in the same manner. Even though we are currently in the “Jewish Century,” there may come a time when we will be in the “Chinese Century,” and so on. The Europeans had their centuries, but now their people are the food of choice for the Parasite Class.