October 4, 2023

The Personal Costs of Dissenting

The other day, a very close friend of mine—who served two tours with me in Iraq—disowned me because he stumbled upon one of the many defamatory articles written about me by my political detractors online. Although I could have sat there and explained everything to ease his concerns, I knew where he was going with the conversation. I even showed him the most recent attack on me written by Business Insider, which is the most desperate and pathetic attempt of defamation against me I’ve ever seen. My intention in showing him was to let him know I’m constantly dealing with these lies, and that they are not only outrageous, but don’t even make sense. He didn’t even look at the hit piece. When I told him about death threats I’ve received from radical groups across the political spectrum, he either missed what I wrote or he didn’t care. It seemed that nothing I said mattered.

Unfortunately, being a Biden supporter, he never learned how the media works: hateful names—all thrown at me despite my personal life debunking them—are used as weapons to dehumanize someone and make sure people don’t listen to their side of the story. Now, I don’t support Trump, but the one good thing he did do was show Americans that the media cannot be trusted. At least most Trump supporters know to be skeptical of such labels being thrown at people, especially when someone is making insane claims about a friend you’ve known since 2002.

Our conversation was short, as he was talking at me rather than with me. I could tell his emotions were clouding his judgement. He was falling for the buzzwords. I felt he had already made the decision to disown me and was never going to listen to my side of the story anyway. After a few more messages back and forth, he cut me off mid-sentence and blocked me without really allowing me to explain. My initial shock then became anger: How the hell could one of my best friends just disown me like that? I questioned the entirety of our friendship, including his integrity—a real friend would have sat there and took the time to listen and understand. If no understanding could have been reached, at least we’d have a mutual departure to honor our friendship in the end. But in today’s political atmosphere, there is so much disdain and hatred toward the other, people are like ticking time bombs waiting to blow up at someone the second they become uncomfortable in any political conversation. Furthermore, there is so much disinformation being spread on all sides, people don’t know where up or down is. Hell, they don’t even know what gender they are! This is all done on purpose by the Parasite Class: they use their media and academia to further divide and weaken the people to prevent them from unifying against the system.

Everyone who knows me, especially my family, is totally aware of the amount of libel and slander I have endured throughout my years of political activism. Some of it is based on partial truths, since I once held some very controversial and politically incorrect beliefs in my past—those of which created a rift between one of my sisters and I—but I grew to understand they were wrong for me, left them behind, and healed my family. But even these are greatly exaggerated and twisted by my enemies to this day. Moreover, neither the media nor these so-called “anti-Hate” groups care about your evolution as a human being: they always focus on your past and attempt to use it to destroy your reputation. Unless, of course, you’re on their side and are pushing their narrative, then they ignore everything you’ve ever did wrong and even make excuses for those things!

But I will say this to all of you reading: I don’t care if I lose friends or family in the process toward achieving true social justice for my nation and fellow citizens. Because, to me, justice is the most important thing in life. In fact, I value justice more than life itself! For what kind of man lives an unjust life and enables the injustices around him? Such a man to me is actually evil.

If you think I’ve been libeled and slandered unfairly up to this point, wait until I am officially running for office in the future, then all of you will see the enemy’s propaganda machine at full force, along with an increase of visits from the FBI and other authorities, and more death threats and harassment from my insane enemies, especially now that I understand the correct message of unity that is a true threat to the Parasite Class. But I am confident that those of you who truly know me will never fall for such lies, nor will you ever leave my side because you know that I have a heart of gold, and I am fighting for the greater good. Those who are cowards and are afraid of names will leave, and I look forward to their departure.

I predict as our society becomes worse and worse, more and more people will care less about the labels, nonsensical platitudes, name-calling, and potential consequences for standing up against the obvious and insane injustices around them. Those who are weak-minded and emotionally compromised will be tossed aside and shamed, as they should be, for enabling such injustices and supporting falsehoods to protect their comfortable slavery and self-interests. Those of us who answer to a higher calling will learn from our mistakes, work with our differences, unite together, and fight against the common enemy no matter what the cost, eventually destroying them and freeing ourselves and our children from their tyranny.

So, if you understand what it is at stake and are willing to fight back, prepare for and embrace the losses that will come. But always remember what these losses actually are: extra weights that have been holding you down being lifted from your shoulders. Once removed, you will have more energy to deal with the true enemy rather than wasting your time with the infected and deluded, powerless cowards who are standing in your way.

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