October 1, 2022

The Solution to Rape Culture From a 3P POV

In neoliberal society, we have a rampant sex issue: hyper-sexualization. Both sexes are reduced to mere slabs of meat for those to indulge in for self-pleasure.

One might ask: “Well, what is causing this? And how can we stop this rampant dehumanization?”

Firstly, you need to recognize the sources of this.

You have the clothing industry, with how they advertise men and women in suggestive manners to prey on your lower instincts. They will sell clothes while showing barely dressed ‘mock-idols’, showing risqué-exposure of the human body, especially with women.

You have the same with the makeup industry, where they also market to women with hyper-sexualized, suggestive advertisements.

You have the movie industry where there is, again, hyper-sexualization in many aspects. Countless unneeded sex scenes are portrayed to just add some ‘filler’.

You have the music industry with all its vulgar sexualization of women. Both men and women in the music industry will glorify scantily dressed women, and have them dance lustfully for male entertainment. There are countless examples of this: think of most modern hip-hop and the accompanying music videos.

Mind you, this isn’t an attack on hip-hop specifically. This is a critique on the music industry as a whole. Yes, you have exceptions, but that is pedantic to point out in light of the general trends.

Now, you also have the greatest contributor to this hyper-sexualization of the human body: the porn industry.

The porn industry unapologetically dehumanizes both sexes. You have a bottomless sea of shit that you can sift through at your leisure to give you a strong hit of dopamine, through which you have subverted yourself into lower-instinctual enslavement. Well done. By feeding into all of this, you’re now a useful, docile, lustful fool to the elite who capitalize on your sins.

The Prolonged Effects of this on Society:

With the rampant dehumanization of both sexes as mere slabs of meat, you can just stick your junk in without the ability to form pure platonic love, untainted by lust. This all-out attack on the human psyche increases levels of lust so high and enables perversions to sink so low that you create cretins like sexual deviants, incels, and even rapists.

Rapists are an absolute byproduct of a society oriented all around sex. You feed people a constant supply of dopamine, put a heavy emphasis on self pleasure, individualism, and dehumanize people as mere sex objects––you are going to get people who are going to act on this, so much so that they MUST get their urges out by any means necessary.

Thus, you get rapists: people who don’t see others as humans but mere sources of self accumulation of pleasure. You also get hyper-lustful youth, especially with the lack of emphasis on healthier manners to handle relationships.

In school, you only learn about “sex safety” at most, but what do you gain from it? A little bit about STDs and should wear protection. That does nothing.

You need to teach the youth to appreciate their partners and find enjoyment in many things to be shared with them beyond sex. Obviously sex is fine in a relationship, I’m not denying that, however, I am saying that you should not orient the entire relationship around it more than anything else. To have done so, you already have a failed relationship. It has no meaning beyond pleasure.

It is still fine to have sex appeal influence your interest, however it should not be the dominant factor as to why you are seeking to date said person. The dynamic needs to be balanced/chemistry-dominated to a much greater extent.

Sex is a sacred thing that should be shared between those who love each other deeply. The act of sex is a highly spiritual sequence between two individuals, it’s when you connect to them literally and metaphysically on a spiritual level. There’s a reason, for example, that people can have this underlying, subconscious feelings for the person they gave their virginity to/or who you exchanged virginities with.

Now, to get on with what I was saying, all this hyper-sexualization/dehumanization leads to results like those mentioned prior: self-absorbed, pre-marital sex based purely on urges and lower instincts. Not anything with a deeper meaning.

Because of such rampant sex-culture, you have an greater “need” for abortion.

People just having reckless sex (for that dopamine hit) put themselves and others in the position of negligent pregnancy. Then they seek recreational abortion as a means to stop what they’re responsible for creating. It’s a part of this constant, “everyone’s a winner” mentality that our society also instils. The result is that people can’t accept they fucked up, but that is another topic for later.

A Resolution:

To solve this issue, you need a social and political change, you need to nationalize, socialize, and completely reconstruct culture from the ground-up––built with a new ethos. There needs to be an ethos based on whatever the state determines citizens should do for the destiny of the people. There needs to be new standards based on modesty, where you don’t have constant filth pumped into your retinas, building a massive libido that you MUST get out of your system.

The porn industry has to go. With it, you need a new cultural zeitgeist where the people hold new and improved values. I say this ambiguously because you don’t HAVE to have a religious based system to get values per se, you can also uphold higher ideals without religious favoritism in government. You also don’t need a hyper-traditionalist system either, just instead a more human system that puts forward a healthier outlook on life than one of self interest and lust.

To get more direct, we need to reinvigorate romanticism in schools, where the youth learns to appreciate their partners and find all sorts of productive ways to cherish them.

There are many ways to appreciate your partner without having to devolve to sex. Take them out places, go on a walk, go on a picnic, go out in nature and appreciate the beauty of nature together and cherish the moment. Things of that nature should be taught rather than exclusive “just be safe with sex mmkay”.

The youth needs to be taught responsibility, their actions may have consequences, so they need to be more precautious with their matters. They need to understand there is a deeper meaning when sex is to be had with a partner. It isn’t only about getting off, it’s also about connecting to your partner as one and uniting. Commitment needs to be taught to youth.

It’s okay, of course, to not have things work out with a small-handful of cases, but one should date more based on chemistry than one should on sex appeal, as it is dehumanizing.

To loop back, there needs to be a total removal of the influx of sexual material induced on the people’s minds. The subconscious/overtly-conscious absorption of said content increases one’s libido and that should be acted against, as it both is bad for relationships and influences people to commit acts of sexual abuse and rape.

Rapists, no matter how much they just fell down the slippery slope, deserve capital punishment to the utmost extent. A society should be held on high principles, those who cause the detriment of others, more specifically rapists, need to be dealt with and made an example of. Enforcing capital punishment discourages degenerate behavior much more than slapping rapists on the wrist, telling them “no” , then comfily placing them in prison. They need to be swiftly shot and dealt with.

Of course, for those whom might ask “well how do we know? ect, ect…”: you do an arduous deep dive.

When you have undeniable proof, that’s when the government takes action and makes sure the issue at hand is dealt with and over with. You don’t need extravagantly elaborate and drawn out methods of imprisonment to deal with pests like these in society. The law should come down swift and hard.

We also need to make people more financially capable when it comes to raising children. This will amend two great issues of abortion:

– the situations where one “can’t financially support it”

– the situations where divorce is a consequence of it being too expensive to have a family.

We should invest in families and make it financially lax and feasible. If we have no children, we have no future. If we have no cohesive, healthy, happy relationships, we have depression, suicide, and no future for the well being of our fellow countrymen.

Side author notes:

To understand how much damage this situation inflicts on the human mind, one must understand the art of social engineering and human hacking. Over-exposure to a constant flow of ‘x’ thing in a certain context can entirely and subconsciously change one’s mind, as we are social creatures that adapt to our surroundings.

If we are surrounded by lust and hyper-sexualization, we will naturally partake in it, whether consciously or not. This can be applied to many things, whether politics, sexuality, and more. This can even cause normalization if there is a steady-enough supply of whatever is being marketed and advertised. If one supplies society with a constant, subtle, yet casual display of something, they can subvert the subconscious of the populace to whatever they seek to feed them. Much of this can be taken from Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda. Liberal-democracies, especially the corporations therein, take his model and utilize it to their will.