November 29, 2023

To Be Fake or To Be Free

To be fake or to be free.

You have lived the life of a coward for so long,
you have no idea what is real.
Slowly though, ever so slowly you find yourself. 

A coward hides from those around them,
always playing a role,
seeking to blend in with the ever-larger crowd
trying in vain to belong. 

This is the act of a worthless individual.
One who can not survive on their own. 

always hoping for what you deny yourself.

Friends, family, life, and love
from the individuals that make up the world around us. 

These feelings will come and go,
and maybe even come again,
but we never know what will come our way. 

It is up to us to keep going and fight, always fight, to improve. 

Over time the mask of cowardice will slip
and you will not fear its fall,
for your battle attracts others to your call.
People who are not afraid of you
and you shall not fear them:
people who welcome you, who love you. 

Keep fighting. 
Let the mask slip. 
Let it fall. 
And once it does,


Only then will you be free.